Evil Mad Silly Liberal Judge Sir Nicholas Wall wants to desecrate the institution of marriage even more

Sir Nicholas Wall - another liberal  tosser who says he believes in marriage while flushing  it down the toilet like a used condom


What we have now is in fact no-fault divorce in practice, even if the parties to the marriage go through the motions of citing a reason for the break-up. "Irretrievable breakdown of marriage" is the catch-all reason for anything to boredom and wanting a bit of space to grow and spread one's wings. Therein already lies the no-fault in divorce that we already have.

Behaviour is never taken into account when deciding the divorce settlement.

We already have de facto no-fault divorce, but the liberal extremists now want de jure no-fault.

Compare the "fuck off out the home you bought for us" kind of no-fault divorce you get now to the more old fashioned kind of marriage ceremony that emphasises the sanctity of marriage, solemn promise, not to be entered into lightly, unadvisedly, to honour and obey, for richer for poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and health till boredom do us part?


I would have thought that marriage is the most important contract you could ever hope to make in your life because it could make you or break you.

Now, we are to treat it as casually as saying "sorry" when someone bumps into us.

What a nation of mugs, sluts and bastards the British are, to treat the institution of marriage like a used condom they would flush down their toilets.

First, they propose that we use Marriage as a sex toy so that same-sex couples can use it to say they love each other, until they no longer do.

Now, they propose that this LGBT sex toy that is called Marriage is to be treated as instantly disposable without apportioning fault.

Marriage, the most important contract you could ever hope to make in your life, is not even treated as a proper contract by these demented liberal judges of the matriarchy.

If you bought something and it didn't work you could at least take it back to the shop to get a replacement or your money back.

If you hired someone, you would have thought that - in a free society - you could terminate the contract if you no longer required his or her services, or it was performed so badly that you want nothing further to do with him or her.

Not so marriage though.

I have suggested to a number of lawyers before that no one in this country should be allowed to marry without a marriage contract with terms and conditions that could be performed or broken.  You would have thought that these clever lawyers would like this idea because it is work for them, but they just looked at me with dumb incomprehension and started wittering on about the pre-nup.

(The Muslims however operate a system under their Sharia law which treats marriage as a contract and apportion blame when its terms are breached by the parties to the marriage, to be reflected in the divorce settlement, which was what this country did in its saner pre-feminist days.)


Now, of course, everything is just divided in half because lazy liberal judges like Sir Nicholas Wall don't like the idea of blame being apportioned because that would be - shock horror - JUDGEMENTAL.

And we all know how much the typical good liberal hates to use his judgement, don't we?

Sir Nicholas Wall, the most senior law judge in England and Wales said he could see "no good reasons against no-fault divorce".  Yet another liberal tosser that the judiciary is so full of these days.  Because he was born in 1945 you would have thought he would have known better.   But perhaps if he had he would not have been appointed.

WARNING FOR THE WEALTHIER PARTNER: For any same-sex couples thinking of entering into a civil partnership, the wealthier partner should take great care and take legal advice or find himself or herself having to support his or her poorer and usually younger ex-partner when the poorer and younger ex-partner tires of them and asks for a no-fault divorce.  

Marriage, or civil partnership, or "gay marriage" will not be worth the paper it is written on.   It is just there to encourage gold-diggers of all sorts and all sexual orientations in Paedo Bastard Britain No Fault No Responsibility Slutland, because the liberals now have a collective death wish.


High Court Judges may be removed only by a procedure requiring the approval of both Houses of Parliament. 

Can anyone tell me how long would this take, assuming the removal of Sir Nicholas is rubber stamped?

Surely something must be done about this evil man who knows to pays lip service towards marriage but in fact wants to smear the sacred institution of marriage in the faeces of  liberal non-judgementalism?   


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