A message to my readers who were born out of wedlock

I want to thank you for your understanding that, even though I have taken a position critical of SSMs,

  1. I do not hate those born out of wedlock or wish them ill
  2. I do not hate their mothers or wish them ill.

I am trying to highlight what I believe is the cause of the British malaise that the liberals dare not tackle because they worship the Goddess of Free Love and Sexual Liberation.

I am really trying to say that there are consequences for society, ie your race, your nation and your civilisation, when your women do not make rational reproductive choices and are beyond criticism.

It matters because men, women and children pay the consequences for a more chaotic, atomised and criminal society.

The mothers of the murderers of Jamie Bulger were single mothers and bad mothers.

I cast no aspersions on your mother because I do not know your mother.  I am sure many women even now do not accept that being a never married  mother is a particularly bad thing.  I know because I have friends and neiigbours who do this sort of thing.

I am saying that it is a very bad thing and therefore go against the conventions of your sexually liberated society and incur the wrath of the increasing numbers who are now born out of wedlock.

I am also saying that if you could choose, you would choose parents who are married to each other, wouldn't you?

If you accept my reasoning that never married mothers are bad for your society, then I hope you will accept that it is time to say something about this, rather than keep quiet for fear of giving offence, because the future of your race, nation and civilisation is at stake.

You may be all right and your mum may be all right, but that is not the point, because countless others are not, and it is time to think about morality, public policy and the future in a way that is detached, dispassionate and objective, especially if you think you are capable of taking an intelligent interest in politics.

If you cannot accept that there is a problem, out of loyalty to your mother, then you arguably become part of the problem because you cannot transcend your origins.

I like to think that people can do this.


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