A philosophical offer Slavoj Zizek should not refuse

Dear Dr Zizek


I have a theory that you would probably do better as a comedian than a philosopher because so much of what you say is so excellently funny.  I have myself done a bit of stand-up comedy myself in my time, but it is harder to be funny and remember all your lines than just to talk for about an hour about your favourite subject to a captive audience, so I understand.   

Having admired you greatly for a few days, I have decided that I would like to interview you during which I shall seriously consider whether or not I will offer myself to you, should you find me sufficiently attractive.

I have this theory that no man resist sex from a woman, provided she is not actually repulsive or obviously diseased.  

I would also like you to answer a few questions, before or after sex, as you wish.

These questions will centre around the question of the mislabelling of you as a philosopher of the Left when you are in fact a philosopher of the Right.  I regard myself as a philosopher of the Right since I am currently promoting  the idea of the one-party state for Britain.  This would make me a National Socialist, I believe, or perhaps even a Communist, in the Chinese sense of the term.  

I will be giving a talk on the subject of consciousness and why this question is important to take place on 16 November 2011 in Kingston on Thames.  Details at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=208329229203126
In this talk I intend to demonstrate why Western philosophy is a complete waste of time.   

I do hope you will be able to attend.  If you are looking for overnight accommodation, I may be able to help you should I not find you actually repulsive in person.   

are links that should give you a flavour of what I am about.   I should also mention that I was expelled from the BNP in July for things said on the Victoria Derbyshire Show that was found offensive by the disabled and their single mum.  The transcript of what I said is at http://thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.com/2011/07/transcript-of-what-i-said-on-victoria.html

I would very much like to know if you approve of their decision from a philosophical point of view.  

If you do not love me already and want to have sex with me right this very moment, I hope I shall have the opportunity of persuading you in person, subject to my not finding you actually repulsive.  

To assist you in deciding whether you would like to accept my offer of no-strings sex, you could friend me on Facebook and meet all my friends who want me to meet you too.   

Yours philosophically

Claire Khaw


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