The engagement of Prince William and Katherine Middleton and the best wedding present the Muslims could give them

Katie Middleton's consistency and determination these days is almost tragically unEnglish in our late Elizabethan age, from having a poster of Prince William in her dorm when she at boarding school in Marlborough and then growing up to marry him - truly an inspiration for those of us who see the point in patience and perseverance.

Well done, Kate, for getting your man with so much aplomb and dignity!

I bet you didn't sleep around and cheapen yourself with any Tom, Dick and Harry.  I bet the reason why you look so supremely confident is because you just know there ain't gonna be any kiss and tell stories from your scummy ex-lovers who want to sell their story to The Sun through Max Clifford.

If there were to be any worms popping out of the woodwork then I do hope you will see to it that they get beaten black and blue before being thrown out of one of Prince William's helicopters somewhere discreet like the North Sea.  It is the only language they understand. 

That, my readers who are sluts, slags and slappers, is what preserving one's virtue is all about.  Listen and learn from Waity Katie!

Already there are the Republican churls who are moaning about the cost of the Royal Wedding. It would be tragic and idiotic to be obviously scrimping and scraping while the rest of the world is watching, and they will be watching. Scrimping and saving would only mean we are down on our uppers, which we are, but appearances should and must be kept up on certain things.  Only the squabbling mean-spirited class envious Republican shits will have no care for what having a cheap wedding will look to the rest of the world.  These Liberal Leftist Republicans are of course the Enemies of England, who have no sense of national pride and  no sense of shame either.  The opinions of people like that can be ignored with impunity. 

I wonder if the best wedding present the Muslims could give them would be to draft a marriage contract for them gratis and to offer them free access to a sharia court should any problems arise in the future.  That should help cement their marriage more than anything else, because we don't want another national humiliation of another royal divorce, do we?

It takes a stupid woman to manage a clever man, but a clever woman to manage a stupid man.

Our Queen Katie to be can do more than manage a man, she can manage a prince, and probably the rest of the Firm too, because she can manage herself.  She comes from good common stock of English people I like to think would be English Yeoman in the times when the Yeomanry existed, unlike Diana - who was a product of a declining, decadent and broken aristocratic family. 

Good choice, Prince William, and good luck.


Adolfo said…
I read they both are 28. Isn't he supossed to have a right or priviledge to choose a wife among a number of much younger certified royal maidens? Did he buy the romantic crap of the media? Why don't you get rid of your parasitic monarchy, anyway? If you don't know how to do it ask the French.
Anonymous said…
"That, my readers who are sluts, slags and slappers, is what preserving one's virtue is all about. Listen and learn from Waity Katie!" Nice line

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