Mumsnet deletion of my comments indicates irrational totalitarian traits of Mumsnetters (ie most mothers)

Mumsnet users are gloating that I have been banned from their Facebook group and my comments deleted.  You will no longer be able to read my pertinent and incisive comments about Mumsnet whingeing for free nappies for their disabled children (Special needs and nappy provision: click here to pester the PM - 10 June 2010) or why women are so critical of feminism (10 June 2010). 

Someone asked me what Mumsnet was and this is my answer:

A website for parasitical mothers who are always asking for more handouts from the state because they have messed up their lives. They are usually working, divorced or unmarried mothers, like most mothers in this country. 

They embody what is wrong with British motherhood and are the reason why this country cannot have lower taxes and smaller government: because women are always whingeing for more state benefit and regulation.  They constitute half the electorate, whom the political classes are only too frightened of alienating.  

It is time women like that are told where and how to go fuck themselves, for the good of the nation.  

What is the point of this country being in thrall to the worst sort of people: bad mothers and bad employees?

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

And now we have Rule by Mumsnet AKA Matriarchal Degeneracy and Matriarchal Dementia.

Give me a Libertarian Patriarchal Caliphate any time.


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