Mumsnet demographics

I have asked Carrie Longton of Mumsnet to conduct the following survey, because I think it would be quite revealing.

1.  How many mothers on Mumsnet are working mothers

2.  How many of them are divorced

3.  How many of them were the ones who initiated their divorce

4.  How many of them are never-married mothers

It is now 29 June.  What a shame she cannot bring herself to answer my question.  Perhaps an honest answer would be too embarrassingly revealing of the kind of motherhood the next generation of British children are obliged to suffer, as well as the customary fatherlessness of the typical British child?


Someone said…
Or perhaps Carrie does not want to pander to your clear mental health issues?
Claire Khaw said…
I don't quite see why asking to be informed on the marital status of Mumsnet users makes me mad, necessarily. I see that you are one of those tedious members of the Liberal Left who regard any questioning or challenging of her views as tantamount to insanity.

How Fascist is that?


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