Why we will never have small government unless most women are disenfranchised

Most women want a nanny state, most women are "liberal", most women are censorious, most women are easily offended, interfering, micromanaging, attention-seeking, vindictive, petty-minded, neurotic, self-obsessed, indiscriminately compassionate and masochistically tolerant.

Does this sound familiar? Have these feminine vices manifested itself in our society?

Women are half the electorate after all, and the political classes are now too emasculated and gutless to say boo to these nanny-statists. 

Is anyone else thinking of regime change?

I suggest we do this by indirectly discriminating against women by making it a requirement that only taxpayers can have the vote.  That would automatically exclude most whingeing parasitical women who want higher taxes and more regulation to protect them from themselves and their unwanted pregnancies of illegitimate children.

This also explains why, although most people agree with BNP policies, they are somehow prevented from voting for them because denial, prevarication, dishonesty, hypocrisy and cowardice - all of them feminine vices - will in the end predominate.  This is because women now have too much power.  

Mumsnet - are you reading this?  Good.


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