Why a Patriarchy is a sign of civilisation and a Matriarchy a sign of barbarism


In 19th century western scholarship, the hypothesis of matriarchy representing an early stage of human development — now mostly lost in prehistory, with the exception of some "primitive" societies — enjoyed popularity. The hypothesis survived into the 20th century and was notably advanced in the context of feminism and especially second wave feminism, but this hypothesis of matriarchy as "merely" an early stage of human development is mostly discredited today.

Of course feminists would seek to deny that condoning female promiscuity will not result in barbarism when it is already clear that Free Love is the cause of the decline and fall of Western civilisation.

Being a feminist means you want the same rights as men. This inevitably means screwing around with men the way men screw around with women without being called sluts and whores.

Once you let women screw around they will start having their little bastards. Many of these sluts, slags and slappers will have no idea who the father is and thus descent will become matrilineal, ie if you don't know who your dad is, you would at least know who your mum is.

Why is the matriarchy toxic to civilised values? Because it makes men embrace all the short-termist feminine and proletarian vices of cowardice, dishonesty, hypocrisy, victimhood, emotionalism, irrationality and all the short-term pleasures of intoxication.

We know that workmen and women whinge and lie. Oh, they do, they do, they do.

The men who want women to remain be cheap sluts, slags and slappers they are do so because they know they can't afford to take a wife or even the occasional visit to a brothel. They would rather get it for "free", the cheap bastards, these days from children.

I mean, why do you think the Western world is full of paedophiles? Because men are now so scared of women they prefer children.

These couplings between the stupid and poor have now produced our lost generation of illegitimate and unemployed whingers, CHAVs, NEETs, never-married single mums and feral youth. And still the feminists ask why there are not enough women in Parliament.

Listen, girls, you don't need any more women in politics when the so-called men in Parliament are just a sad combo of homosexuals and limp-dicked men who think just like women, or do you? The men in politics are already your servants, doing your bidding. You, woman, are already the power behind the throne ...


You tell it like it is! No fear! Good on you.

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