More Mumsnet shit

Mothers of disabled children are asking for nappies for their children to be provided at taxpayer expense.

If they want to have their disabled children they can pay for the damn nappies themselves.

If only Cameron would just tell them to go fuck themselves.


Anonymous said…
And who is going to look after their children while they work in order to be able to pay for them?

Also where are they to buy these nappies? they don't sell them in the local supermarket.

You, dear lady, are an idiot.
Anonymous said…
Bloody hell, you're a fuckwit.
Claire Khaw said…
So there are special disabled nappies that cost more than normal nappies for able-bodied babies, and they are harder to obtain?

And you expect the taxpayer to pick up the tab, as usual?


Maybe people who can't afford to have babies shouldn't have them, disabled or not, especially if all they do is hold out their begging bowl aggressively to passersby.

What I would recommend for others I would do myself.
Claire Khaw said…
The quality of my detractors can be judged by their choice of words.
unbearablelightness said…
Do you actually know what you are talking about? Are you a parent? How can you comment on a situation without revealing your experience in it? How many children have you got? Have you ever been married? In a relationship? What family structure do you come from?

The quality of yourself as a human can be judged on your choice of words. If you have really read the Qu'ran in detail, as you claim to, you would understand that spouting incendiary narrow minded bigoted rubbish is the opposite of what the Qu'ran promotes. You need to answer the questions that matter about yourself so we can judge you, just as you have judged so many others.
Claire Khaw said…
It doesn't matter if I am a parent. For all you know I could be a parent of a disabled child.

The fact is what I say is true.

Mumsnetters are parasites wanting ever more handouts and bailouts regardless of its usefulness to society.

All they want is to aggrandise their victimhood.

I am showing my compassion for the taxpayer and an interest in the national interest.

I am also showing that you cannot reason with women and that society will go to the dogs if you give them too much power.

The Koran however clearly states that men are the custodians of women and are a degree above them. Otherwise more parasites breeding parasites will bring down your civilisation.
Anonymous said…
I find it fascinating that you can so easily spout the quotes that suit your cause whilst ignoring the primary principles key in all of those religions. The value of human life and the key principles of compassion, integrity and humanity.

I love the internet for its ability to open perception in the minds of those who would otherwise never receive exposure to new and varied opinions and views but every now and then I wish it had never been invented. Reading your mindless, ignorant and pseudo intellectual drivel has been the pinnacle of that wish. You dont come across as either intelligent, or well informed. Merely a bored attention seeker, desperately seeking recognition and validation for deliberate provocation of the values on which a progressive society relies. Congratulations and sleep well.
Claire Khaw said…
I am delighted that you have seen fit to take the trouble to abuse me. I merely say what I think is the truth and act upon it as well as suggesting that others do so too. To get so much attention just for doing only what I am supposed to do suggests that many people are not even doing this little thing: acknowledging the truth.

Mumsnet is just a sign of matriarchal degeneracy.

The fact that male politicians are constantly deferring to Mumsnet is disturbing and sinister.

It is a sure sign that things have now gone too far.
Anonymous said…
You are a scary and strange woman. If you have a child I feel sorry for him or her.
Claire Khaw said…
You find me scary and strange because I do not support feminism - the main cause of the fall of Western civilisation.

All the feminine vices of cowardice, hypocrisy and prevarication come into play in its defence.

In other words, stupid women are responsible, and the men and women too scared to challenge the stupid women are responsible.

That is why are now ruled by fools and knaves, and their women.

Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.
Anonymous said…
I would advise everyone to ignore her and not to comment. The poor woman obviously has mental health issues.
Anonymous said…
I agree.
I think you have mental health problems as well. As a taxpayer, I would have no problem whatsoever paying for your treatment however.
Claire Khaw said…
Thank you for concerning yourself over my mental health. No doubt if you had your way you would send men in white coats to take me away for "re-education".

This is a very tired old trick my detractors have - when they run out of arguments and cannot think of anything to say.
Anonymous said…
Full of your own self importance and rhetoric. Seriously your words read like a child's, all huff and puff and no content.

I wonder why you came to the UK when you would be better suited to dwell in the countries of your descendants? Afterall you would prefer a system where life is cheap and expendable.

I'm pretty sure you don't pay enough taxes to comment on where taxes are spent and your politics ( I use that term loosely) are so far right they'll never make a difference.

Soon your sycophants will find someone more shocking and witty to follow, it won't be hard and then you're left just a ranting isolated desperate and unknown person. People will remember, vaguely, that there was some vile piece of work spouting shit about people with disabilities and when they're asked to remember your name noone will know it, mush like today.

Makes me all warm and fuzzy knowing how Jeffrey the racist is using you. You really deserve eachother. You know you're his bitch.
Claire Khaw said…
It doesn't even matter that I pay no tax or am an alien from outer space with two heads.

What matters is that others agree with me and have been too frightened of speaking out for fear of the kind of abuse that would be meted out by the self-righteous vindictive liberal female for whom indiscriminate, wasteful and expensive compassion is a badge of sainthood.

You are welcome to suggest that Jeffrey and I are having an affair. Presumably this is what you mean by calling me his "bitch". It only gives me greater notoriety and publicity.

It is a shame though that a feminist like you would get so predictably prurient and censorious over a political association and see things purely in terms of sex.

Still, it is always the case that those who pretend to have the widest minds in fact have the most limited kind of consciousness.

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