David Norris of Wadhurst exemplifies the worst of British effeminacy

because he thinks it is clever to be cowardly and displays other examples of twisted reasoning. He does not even have the excuse of youth, inexperience and the lack of a decent education, I am afraid, for he is a man with a white beard and his sentences indicate that he has had the benefit of a good education.  My contempt for this NeoCon knows no bounds. 


Armed Forces minister: Cameron "is trying to avoid the
confusion in some people's minds that it will be over in a matter of months".


Helen Avery
But we're going to pull out in the next couple of years according to Cameron, so civil war will come whenever we leave, surely?
David Norris
Helen - that is the irony - if the Taleban wanted us to leave they would stop fighting and lie low, giving us no reason to stay. Then we we left they would re-emerge and take over again. But at present they like us there as they can kill us without this difficult business of terrorism in foreign countries. And while we are there it helps them raise recruits and garner support from other radical and often not very radical groups across the world as we are seen as occupying forces.

So we are there and have to stay because we have put ourselves in a trap with no exit.
Claire Khaw
So David Norris, you want the Afghans to play dead so the British can withdraw? Wow, that is a bit twisted even for a Neo-Con. Unlike the most emasculated and effeminate British men, Afghan men feel they must display some semblance of martial courage when a foreign enemy has invaded.

How interesting to learn that if a foreign enemy invaded this country, "men" like David Norris would roll over,  play dead and no doubt allow the women to be raped and their children taken away as slaves.

If a burglar were to enter his home, I suppose he would bury his head under the duvet and hope the burglars do their job quickly and go, even as any woman he is likely to have under his roof and in his bed is opportunistically raped by the burglar in the same bed.

I hope no woman is foolish enough to think someone like him would protect and provide for them.

The trouble with British men of course is that they don't even know they are not supposed to say things like that to avoid the visceral contempt that would be aroused in any rational female, who are also increasingly rare in this benighted country.

Still, what can one expect now in Britain's degenerate matriarchy in its last stages of terminal dementia? 


David Norris is also sentimental about foxes and wishes the ban on hunting to remain.  David Norris is a middle-aged Labour-supporting man who thinks like a girl, which, to most right-thinking members of society, deserves hatred, ridicule and contempt.  Not that there are many right-thinking members of society these days, however.  


Anonymous said…
Surely women and children raped and captured is a bonus for you?
Claire Khaw said…
In what way would it be a bonus for me?
Anonymous said…
You are a biggoted homophobic idiot.
Claire Khaw said…
You spelt 'bigoted' wrong.

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