Five forceful steps towards remoralising Britain

  1. Abolish the CSA and require men to maintain only the children of the women they are married to.
  2. Allow a man to reject a child, especially if it is disabled and unviable and if he can prove it is not his.  
  3. Abolish child benefit and the welfare state. 
  4. Stigmatise the mothers of illegitimate children.
  5. Propose that SSMs be lashed 100 times.  (The Koran prescribes the lashing of adulterers/adulteresses, fornicators and fornicatresses.  I am not even going this far, but what is a Slut Single Mum but a fornicatress?   No further evidence is needed, surely, unless she is claiming it was an Immaculate Conception?  Anyway, Mary managed to get Joseph to marry her so Jesus was in fact legitimate.)


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