How much money should the taxpayer spend on this hopeless case?

It is interesting that no one asked the question most on any taxpayer's mind:

How much does Monty cost to keep alive at the expense of the taxpayer?

Is the matriarchy rubbing the faces of the British taxpayer into this useless exercise of liberals bleeding hearts spewing their compassion all over your nice white carpet, just because it can?

Does the matriarchy enjoy mocking, infuriating and enraging the taxpayer, just because it can?

In what way is making a programme like this - produced by a WOMAN of course - different to poking a caged and enraged animal with a stick and rattling its cage, just because you can and think you will get away with it?

Is this programme in itself not sufficient reason to overthrow the matriarchy?

Are the two men on the panel not the worst kind of  floppy limp-dickery you have ever come across?

The matriarchy wastes your money, taxpayer, and wastes it blatantly and shamelessly, and throws that fact in your face by stuffing its propaganda down your throat that you pay out of your licence fee, and glories in this exercise.

How much longer will you stand for this?

Oh, but most men in Britain these days are limp-dicked floppies hoping for sex from some slut single mum, and will not dare to say anything to offend her.

Most men are afraid of the likes of Joan Bakewell - the thinking man's crumpet.

Do you ever wonder why female intellectuals you ever heard about are of the Left?

Do you ever wonder why this country is in the state it's in and why no man will ever say anything like enough to challenge the matriarchy?

The Reds are not under your bed, mate, they are on it, and you sleep with the enemy who fucks you over, again and again and again because you are so fucking stupid and desperate for sex with any old slag who opens her legs for you, because she is smart enough not to ask you for an up-front charge, which an honest prostitute would.

Notice how feminists hate the idea of legalising brothel-keeping.  They want to make you think it is free and then get you on the hidden charges, you stupid fuck.

If you cannot subvert a society with open revolt, you do it using their most immoral and feckless of its women, counting on the loss of reason in its men when bribed with the apparently cheap sex that feminism offers.

The results can be seen everywhere, in the lowest of the low - the sluts, bastards, paedos and general degeneracy this environment produces, and in the elite left-wing chattering classes like Joan Bakewell - the insufferably smug  liberals.

That woman apparently has no shame.  I am not commenting on her sexual morality, mind, but her journalistic integrity and he professionalism.

Why did she not ask how much this exercise is costing the taxpayer?

Because it ain't her money and she doesn't give a fuck.


  1. If you want to save the life of someone whose life is worth saving then obviously you will force treatment on him if they are not in a position to consent to it eg someone who normally has legal capacity (and is likely to regain it after treatment) but is incapacitated by a coma or temporary mental illness.
  2. If they were always fucked in the head and will remain fucked in the head even after they are cured just so some woman can have a human doll to claim is hers to play with (but without the inconvenience and expense of looking after him), then it is a fucking waste of taxpayers' money.

Parasitical women don't tend to care about things like that as long as they get their way.   

Below are statements made about Monty, who lives in a care home for people with severe difficulties.  He has a foster mother though.  (His foster mother is not inconvenienced by having to look after him, please note.)

"He completes repetitive tasks and wants to see his surroundings in a certain way.  We expected him to open and close doors, turn lights on and off."

"He is not likely to understand if you tell him not to do it."

"Monty cannot understand long sentences and is non-communicative."

"There is no way of persuading him to co-operate with treatment."  

"He is not likely to understand what people say to him."

"He has no mental capacity because of his autism and severe learning disability." 

Oh, and he got better in the end so he can carry on being a waste of space and being a drain on the state so his foster mother can enjoy the sort of attention being a foster mother to this sort of creature gets her, with none of the inconvenience of looking after him, because he is in a home.  Obviously she and people like her think the taxpayers' money is there to be squandered in order to indulge their every whim while the limp-dicked floppies who call themselves men keep their peace and button their lips.

Women more than men suffer Munchausen syndrome by proxy.  What is this but a pathological form of the damsel in distress seeking attention?

93% of sufferers are women.  Are you getting it yet, you stupid limp-dicked fucked over little fuck?

Why do you let them get away with it?

Cos you are scared and stupid and no longer a man.   That is why Western civlilisation is fucked.

When the men become women, who will protect the men?  Not the women who will just mate with the invader.   


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