Do gay people ever apologise to straight people for hurting their feelings?

Then why the hell should straight people tread on egg shells where they are concerned?

Lots of gay men drop dead mysteriously or kill themselves in their 40s. It is probably something to do with all the gay sex they have and the STIs they catch.

That, or when they hit their 40s when they realise that they can only have sex with men they want have to sex with IF THEY PAY.

Gay men are horrible to men they don't fancy.  I was with a gay friend of mine who was no spring chicken, and this was a few years back.  He was buying me a drink and then complained about the gay barman who was practically throwing his change at him because he didn't fancy him.

I also knew a gay man in middle age who said he would give it all up to have a long-term partner and a stable family life, but it was too late for him now.

If  you think women are mercenary and treacherous to men, you should see how gay men are to each other.

So there.  Tell these buggers and potential buggers what really happens to ageing homosexuals with no money.   Why, even the successful ones kill themselves when they are in their 40s.  Remember Alexander McQueen?

Why not warn young people against the error of these gay ways rather than pretend it is a bed of roses?  You are only making them waste and risk their lives in an orgy of hedonism.  When they begin to see the downside of it, when they hit middle age, it will already be too late for them.

Is George Michael well-adjusted even with his success and money?

If you had a son, would you like him to turn out like even the successful ones?

If David Starkey were straight might he have been a better historian?

If Stephen Fry were straight, might he be less irritating and smug?

Remember, the foul demented matriarchy thinks it is OK to be gay.   That is why it has to be overthrown as soon as possible.

It is not OK to be gay, but if you want to be gay, at least be discreet.  We will tolerate you buggering each other out of sight out of mind but we will not let you "marry" each other.


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