Matriarchal "Tell Mama" turns Muslims into despised crybabies and stokes even more Islamophobia

The majority of Muslims being physically attacked, harassed or intimidated because of their faith are women, according to interim results from the UK's first ever 'official' anti-Muslim violence helpline, Kevin Bocquet reports. [Towards the end of the programme.]

Mohammed Ansar at who was being interviewed has blocked me from following him on Twitter.

Mohammed Ansar's smug insolent expression on his Twitter profile - designed to provoke Islamophobes into paroxysms of fury?  When they give him and others like him a piece of their minds he tells Muslims to calls the cops on these so-called Islamophobes through Tell Mama which is paid for out of YOUR taxes.

I commented that he is a government-approved Muslim who makes money from his Muslim identity as he is in the pay of the government.  He is absolutely no good on doctrinal issues at all and refused to discuss them with me.  What he does is engage the Islamophobes, goad them into Islamophobic rants and then call the cops on them, which is what is all about.

Tell Mama, eh?  Talk about the matriarchy turning Muslims into crybabies and causing them to be hated even more, provoking more Islamophobia then calling for even more totalitarian measures to be taken against the restive of white indigenous.  

Disgusting and almost unbelievable, but true.  This is what your taxes is being wasted on: causing more Islamophobia and then using the Islamophobia it causes to get more money from you to combat it.  

Enough is enough!  


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