Too many women have the vote, and the solution is OBVIOUS
Women more likely to vote Democrat regardless of age

"Labour support jumped dramatically in 1994," says Prof Whiteley. "Why? Because Labour got a new leader, Tony Blair, who was very popular at the time, and women in particular liked him."

The nature of other countries' gender gaps supports this argument. American women are significantly less hostile to a "big state" than American men and much more likely to vote Democrat. In Sweden, women are particularly anxious to preserve the welfare state and vote accordingly.
Why More Women Vote Democrat

What a sensible female Facebook friend of mine said:

"Women are more empathetic by nature, in the main, they tend to look for the good in people and situations and find condemning people for their actions difficult. They make more excuses for people making bad choices in life. As examples, they tend to think teenage mums just needed more sex education and counselling, when really most know exactly what they are doing and the reasons why. They are swayed by the argument that crime is caused by disadvantage and poverty, when the truth is, that two generations ago extreme poverty and disadvantage did not turn out bad, dishonest people, because those people were reared with discipline and to have integrity. Maybe this over-empathetic nature is why so many women voters see throwing money at helpful 'government programs' as the answer. It isn't and it never will be. Obviously this is a bit of a generalisation of women, but I think it has some truth."

The Reds are not under your bed, they are on your bed.

"O you who believe! surely from among your wives and your children there is an enemy to you; therefore beware of them; and if you pardon and forbear and forgive, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful."

What is the solution?  Destroy feminism once and for all.

How do you destroy feminism as a moral or sustainable ideology?

  1. Demonstrate the connection between feminism and female promiscuity.
  2. Demonstrate the connection between female promiscuity and widespread illegitimacy.
  3. Demonstrate the connection between widespread illegitimacy and degeneracy.
  4. Demonstrate the connection between degeneracy and crime and ever lowering standards of education and morality.
  5. Demonstrate the inability of women to conduct a rational and civil debate without resorting to lies, smears, ad hominem attacks and censorship.   
  6. Demonstrate that most women are in such denial that even those who call themselves intellectual and Conservative refuses to discuss feminism honestly.  Ruth Lea comes to mind.   l
  7. Demonstrate how many women are actually in positions of great influence and work behind the scenes to consolidate their position.                    
  8. Demonstrate how many of them are over-promoted mediocrities apparently beyond criticism.  
  9. Demonstrate the existence of thoughtcrime legislation.
  10. Demonstrate that how many women find it difficult to grapple with abstract concepts such as principles, and what The Principle of Free Speech actually means.  
  11. Demonstrate how a female-dominated teaching profession has dumbed down education in the West, stopped clever white women from passing on their genes through seducing them with the false promises of a career while encouraging the feckless and stupid to breed illegitimately like vermin..
  12. Demonstrate that we live in a pornocracy.   
  13. Demonstrate that women suffer from the same vice as the poor - of being generous with other people's money.
  14. Demonstrate that women are always using the excuses that Nature endows them with.
  15. Demonstrate that feminism is the dangerous notion that it is moral and sensible to treat women as men without taking away their privileges.
  16. Demonstrate that one of the most important feminine privileges is what they call the Woman's Prerogative, which is the prerogative of never making up one's mind.
  17. Demonstrate that most women have the Prerogative of the Whore - that of exercising power without responsibility.
  18. Demonstrate that most women conform to the social expectations of other women and want to be loved more than they want to be right (which makes them vote Democrat), while men do not fear hatred and prefer to be right.   
  19. Demonstrate that feminism has corrupted the morals of women who have in turn corrupted the morals of men.   
  20. Demonstrate that living in a matriarchy is analogous to being told that your society is suffering from an advanced form of civilisational cancer and dementia.
  21. Demonstrate that indiscriminate universal suffrage was a very bad idea indeed and that the franchise should be narrowed to taxpayers only, in effect disenfranchising most parasitical women and their equally parasitical spawn.   
  22. Demonstrate that it is possible to overthrow the matriarchy without violence if men started talking about what I talk about amongst themselves NOW.
  23. Demonstrate how afraid men are of their wives because they will not be discussing what I say with their wives for fear of what their wives could do them by invoking the rules of no-fault divorce.
Shirley Conran was awarded the OBE  in 2004 and is a leading light of the British Pornocracy


Anonymous said…
Women will favour whoever or whatever supports them and their children. If men provide for women; women will support the patriachy but if the state becomes the provider then women will support the state.

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