Nietzsche on Truth

"All Truths that are kept silent become poisonous."

Thus Spake Zarathustra

Can you think of a poisonous Truth?

The Truth that dare not speak its name?

The Truth about how feminism spreads degeneracy through the agency of Slut Single Mums?

Why is it being kept so silent?

Because more than half the mothers in Britain now are SSMs.

This means more than half the next generation are BASTARDS brought up by SLUTS.  

What kind of shit generation is that going to produce?  A shittier one that this lot certainly.  

Shhhhhh ....  They don't want us to know just yet how shit our descendants are going to be, how slut, how bastard and how paedo.   Even if they are not slut, bastard and paedo to begin with, they will be turned into sluts, bastards and paedos by their slut, bastard paedo friends.  

Shhhh ... Don't say anything or the women will be upset with you for calling them sluts, which they are, bringing up bastards, which they are, spreading their filthy degenerate genes, which they are, while the men have had their penises cut off and stuffed into their mouths so they can no longer speak against their stupidest and most immoral women, from whom they hope to have cheap filthy slut single mum sex..

Shhhhhh .....   


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