The reality of feminism

Husbandless career-women have no one to pay for them, and they will get older and uglier and soon they will have to pay men to have sex with them, if they still want sex.  

They will probably feel more comfortable being lesbian if they want a bit of action from time to time with another human being.  

I imagine these career-women probably started out smart, but they failed to find a husband with whom to pass on their genes, because they were fooled by the false promises of feminism.

Only the stupid and feckless in Britain breed now, and, of course, the foreigners, especially the Muslims.

By the way, feminism is anti-eugenic and I would say that eugenics is moral because it is necessary.

Otherwise, we will just be Paedo Fatso Bastard Britain Slutland with ageing old crones with no children who will have to work until they die.


Adolfo said…
You wanna know the truth? You can't handle the truth! Nobody can't handle it! Forget about it, this is fatso paedo bastard Britain slutland!

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