The matriarchy wants to stick their noses into Muslim affairs to fuck up the women and marriages of Muslims too

You can't use sharia law in divorce deal: Muslim hospital consultant told to pay ex-wife maintenance despite claims he owes her nothing under Islamic rules

  • Dr Zaid Al-Saffar told he must follow 'the rule in this country' 

  • Ordered to pay £60,00to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar

  • He felt the payments were illegitimate according to Islamic culture
  • Claims: 'Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people’

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So now, you can't even convert to Islam to escape the "justice" of matriarchal family courts.

English courts are now claiming to set aside Muslim marriage contracts validly made and entered into by adults who have taken legal advice.

This is how much the matriarchy wishes to interfere in your life and this is how it demonstrates its MALICE towards men, especially Muslim men who have so far escaped the "justice" of the UK family courts..

This is how it intends to corrupt even Muslim women, so it can turn them into slags, slappers and slut single mums.  This is the extent of its fanaticism and determination.

That is why both Muslims and non-Muslims should start taking an interest in Secular Koranism explained at

Secular Koranism would treat marriage as a contract and reintroduce the concept of fault into divorce.

But it will never get anywhere without your support and interest.  So you should be discussing it with as many people as you can.  

I expect cash-rich Muslim charities to assist me in overthrowing our corrupt and demented matriarchy in this land of compulsory fornication, for I already have a PR strategy already worked out for them.  We have had  enough of rule by the pornocracy spreading illegitimacy and degeneracy until we are all reduced to sniffing each other's bottoms and copulating in the park if we want offspring.   Yes, even Muslims will turn out like this, if they don't start waking up and smelling the coffee.

Destroy the matriarchy before it destroys you, and your children's and the nation's future.   They are evil or they are stupid or they are mad, or even all three.


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