Too many women have the vote

Woman subjected to years of abuse by violent husband took him back after new partner died of heart attack - and weeks later savage bit off her nose

Savaged: Lynne Gough suffered years of abuse at the hands of her husband of 24 years until it culminated with him biting off her nose in a jealous rage

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Most women are hypocrites and cowards wanting to be loved. They now have too much power and this explains why our society is now SHIT. They have turned it to shit and the men are too stupid and scared to tell them to fuck off, because they have been turned into women by generations of slut single mums.

Now most men have turned into their slut single mums and this country is turning into fucking SHIT.

Why not use our reason and judgement if we have it?

Women don't want to judge because it makes them seem uncompassionate and this means that they will be regarded as unfeminine.

These women need to cling on to their femininity more than their judgement and reason, it seems.

That is why so many of them seem so stupid and neurotic and cowardly and hypocritical.

‎"Look at me! See what I put up with! I am such a martyr! How I suffer! Pity me! Love me! I am stupid so all I can do is suffer!"

Can you hear her voice dripping with oily self-satisfaction at how she suffered at the hands of her husband? Does it not make you feel nauseous too?

Of course, women cannot be expected to take any responsibility for anything they do because they are so fucking STOOPID. They are children and deserve to be treated as such, probably. Too many of them have the vote, that's the problem.

What would that stupid cow be if she did not have a husband to abuse her? A big fat ZERO.

If I were interviewing her, I would ask:

1. Do you enjoy attention?

2. Do you enjoy attention so much you would suffer pain to get it, because you don't know of any other way?

3. Do you find having sex with a violent man sexually arousing?

4. What do you think you would have done if you had never met your husband?

5. Would you have married another violent brute because these are the kind of men who turn you on?

6. Why do you violent brutes turn you on?

7. Do you know what is meant by the term masochism?

8. It has been said that women are masochistic. Would you agree with this, on the whole?


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