Why is Alison Saunders of the *gender imbalanced* London CPS "disappointed" that John Terry was acquitted of a racially aggravated offence?

CPS London is headed by Chief Crown Prosecutor Alison Saunders.


Why females prefer immigrant males

The very revealing structure of the very matriarchal London Crown Prosecution Service

In April 2009Grace Ononiwu was appointed Legal Director for North Region, London and she is now DCCP for the London Districts.  Second in seniority to Alison Saunders.

Jenny Hopkins is Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor with responsibility for the Complex Casework Unit. This comprises of the Special Casework Team (which includes the Police Complaints Team), the Homicide Team, and the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Team.  Third in seniority to Alison Saunders.

David Robinson, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor .  FOURTH in seniority to Alison Saunders.  A pretty boy.  Is he the male equivalent of the dolly bird in the matriarchal Britain?  Does he occasionally get his bottom pinched?  Is he perhaps sexually harassed?

Jean Ashton OBE.  Fifth in seniority to Alison Saunders.

Would you stand any chance at all in London CPS if you are white and male?


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