Expectant British women now hopelessly drunk and stupid


British women have to be told that drinking excessively while pregnant is bad for their foetus.

Stupid female Tory MPs like Margot James - blond, pretty and dim - think getting a drinks company to run a campaign like this is a good idea.

She tweeted yesterday:

margot james
Very good news that Diageo are to fund education re alcohol use during pregnancy, should not be opposed by the BMA

British women are mostly thick as shit these days.

I have been saying for a while now that too much extra marital sex makes you stupid, and about half the babies born in Britain are bastards these days.   We will soon be a country of stupid bastards governed by stupid bastards and destined to suffer the fate of stupid bastards.

Doom, doom, D O O O M !!!!!


Anonymous said…
Aw Claire, lighten up! Yes it's a crap policy - a bit like asking formula milk companies to educate about breastfeeding. Reality is that most women prefer NOT to drink alcohol in pregnancy because they are aware of the risks,
Personally I'd be asking what the alcohol companies are getting from this deal. I can assure you they will not be providing their services free of charge!

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