Two schools of thought in the BNP

It seems the BNP are divided into two groups:

(1) The Matriarchal Feminist School of Free Love who think that they can get keep all the wonderful things that the liberals have given us but WITHOUT THE ETHNICS and think in their hopeful woolly way that we can have Family Values without Marriage, just like the LibLabCon.

(2) The Patriarchal Social Conservative Realist School who believe that the institutions of Marriage and Family should be firmly re-established to cure the deep-rooted malaise that afflicts the white race.

A female BNP member Chez Dunn said:

"I am a single parent, through non fault of my own because my partner and the father of my children was abusive and is now in prison for his actions."

My response:

"Why is it not your fault if you got knocked up by a criminal you were not married to?" 

to which I have not yet had an answer.

Frankly, the thought of party policy being dictated to by the likes of Chez Dunn appalls and disgusts me, and no prizes for guessing to which School of Thought she belongs.

The BNP now needs to decide whether it is going to promote family values supported by marriage, OR pretend to believe, just like the LibLabCon, that family values can be promoted WITHOUT supporting marriage and WITHOUT reintroducing fault into divorce.

If so, this means that they too believe in the need to undergo the process of male self-abnegation that entails pursuing the fickle female vote.  It appears to me that women don't know what the hell they want anyway, most of the time, and now expect the taxpayer to pick up the pieces when they have messed up their lives, just because they are single mothers, or single mothers with disabled children, or, disabled single mothers with disabled children ...

I can understand it if people are afraid of a Tyrant or the Secret Police but most male politicians these days are afraid of the unwed single mother, which is disgusting, pathetic and contemptible.  They are afraid of these feckless promiscuous women because too many of them now have the vote, and the female vote is what the other parties are also chasing. It would be tragic indeed if those who oppose the LibLabCon are doing the same thing too, because it would just be allowing the problem that they are complaining about to continue.

Single mothers who tend to be bad mothers produce badly brought up children who spoil it for others at school, dumbing down education, making British school-leavers less attractive as employees, causing British employers to hanker after foreign labour and twist the arm of the government to let more immigrant labour in.

The BNP would have to grovel at the feet of the over-burdened taxpayer, the small businessman and independent trader and also at the feet of Common Sense to get anywhere now.

As for the female vote, the only thing the BNP ought to offer women is an economic and social environment in which there will be one man who wants to be a husband and a father (and is also capable and prepared to do what it takes to support a wife and family) for every woman who wants to be a housewife and mother.

To grovel at the feet of a feminist will just get you a poke in the eye with her stiletto steel.  


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