'Elderly people expect to be shunted off'

A A Gill:
I was asked by a Ghanaian woman once in a care home: 'What is it with you?   Why don't you look after your old people?' 

With the scandals and funding problems in elderly care, should we reconsider who should be looking after us in our old age?

AA Gill of the Sunday Times and Katharine Whitehorn, who is now agony aunt for Saga Magazine, debate why "we have to engage with old people."


That is because "people work". For this read "women work". A A Gill didn't quite say "women" in case his balls got ripped off. Interestingly, the fact that women now work and have no time for anyone was not mentioned at all.

Joan Smith
@rossaverde Yes, and the  assumption is that 'the family' ie women should look after them, as well as their other jobs.


That about says it all, doesn't it?   If we're lucky, any children we might have might just about get it together to send us into a home.

Fuck feminism, fuck the cunting selfish stupid bitches who are doing everything wrong and won't be told, and fuck the cunting stupid hypocritical bastard men who are too scared to say boo to them.

Feminism destroys your society and civilisation, and don't you forget it.   


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