Neglect and Abuse of the Elderly caused by Feminism

Why doesn't the government just admit that they really want people to die as soon as they start claiming their pensions? Let them drink!

I can imagine a future government having a death squad working in NHS hospitals to finish off any OAP seeking medical treatment.

Let them (the young) live and let them love. Let them (the old) drink and let them die, if they are so unwise as to drink themselves silly.

"Let them drink and let them die." (with apologies to Catullus)

Old people are failed when their care is left to the state. Lesson: have enough children who will look after you.

Have enough children who will look after you in your old age who want to have and be full-time wives and mothers.

A liberal and feminist society would have no respect for the elderly and treat them as disposable rubbish. Their daughters (if any) would be too busy at work to look after them. Their sons (if any) would be divorced and impoverished by the time they start becoming frail.

Blame feminism.


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