Birth Control Pill for Men: Would You Count On It?

Any woman dumb enough to rely on this method of contraception deserves to be spayed. 


curiepoint said…
That ariticle is pure BS.

It isn't men who perform the accidentally-on-purpose pregnancies; that is almost exclusively within the province of women.

Men would not be taking the birth control pill to give her security. They would take it for their own, so they don't find themselves saddled with a 7 pound, six ounce annuity for twenty years. This issue has nothing whatever to do with how women feel about it. It's all about the men for a change.

BTW, any man who believes a woman when she says that she's on the pill and relies upon her honesty also deserves whatever happens to them.
Amanda said…
I would feel happier if BOTH parties thought of the possible consequences when indulging. It's not about men or women but about the child which may result.. Too many people forget this and we get articles like this one.

And curiepoint - men have a responsibility too. If they are going to indulge in meaningless sex, then in the words of Jeremy Vile they need to "put something on the end of it" or face up to the possible consequences of not doing so. A little more personal responsibility on both sides would not go amiss.

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