Marital Discipline through Flogging

It is NOT in the Koran that you are to be lashed for merely being in a position to commit adultery. It must have been the case that pre-Islam, the Afghans would flog each other over trifling matters such as dropping litter and subsequently adapted Islam to their customs.

I repeat, there is nothing in the Koran that says "flog a woman 34 times for putting herself in a position where she could have committed adultery". It does however say in the Koran that 100 lashes are to be administered for convicted adulterers and 80 lashes for falsely accusing someone of adultery.

Under such a system, I would argue that victims of adultery be personally allowed to administer these punishments in the privacy of the bedchamber. I know for a fact that quite a fetish is made of discipline and the sex industry caters very well for this preference in men such as sir Max Mosley. I do not doubt that quite a few women also like this sort of thing, if it is not too harshly administered.

It may even spice up a flagging sex life and bring the couple back together again.

Who knows, many of the witnesses to the flogging may have found themselves quite, er, uplifted, by the experience of hearing the shrieks of a woman receiving her punishment on her bottom wearing red pants, and hearing the smack of the lash upon her flesh ....


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