The Muslim Marriage Contract - Pt 1

This seems fair enough to me.

Marriage is business after all!

Those of you who have had an expensive divorce (Are you reading this, John Cleese and Roman Abramovich?), read the following and marvel at the fairness and commonsense of these principles.

According to Islamic law, marriage is the most sacred commitment in life between two adults of opposite sex. It attempts to save it wherever possible.

As a consequence divorce is regarded by Allah as the most ‘hated thing’.

However, breakdown in marriage does take place for a variety of reasons. If the divorce is initiated by husband he has to pay the woman any Mahr [the price paid to the bride - think of golden handcuffs and you will get the idea!] that remains unpaid.

If the divorce is initiated by the wife, and the husband is found to be at fault by the arbiters she does not lose her Mahr.

But if she cannot prove his fault, she has to return to her husband whatever Mahr amount she has already received. If the wife initiates the divorce without any grounds, this is called ‘khula’ and she must return whatever the husband has given her in consideration for the marriage.
Talaq-e-tafwid is the delegated right to divorce given by husband to his wife. If and when the wife exercises this delegated right she does not lose her Mahr amount.
claims that this right is a sham, because it is up to man to delegate this right, and he may well refuse.
But what would be the problem if a woman refuses to marry a man until and unless he incorporates this term into the marriage contract??


Andrew Slade said…
The only English wimmin embracing Islam are wives and fiancees of Muslim men: who get the best job prospects, so wimmin hope to get a piece of their earnings. Once married, the girls realise that for a Muslim wife, ISLAM (SALAAM) MEANS OBEDIENCE. So then they divorce & abandon their new found religion. They were brainwashed at primary school to believe that all authority rests with the wombman, because nearly all the men teachers have been expelled from the State system & the ones left emasculated. So all the little boys are subservient to women, emasculated by their schoolmistresses.

But when they marry a Muslim man, girls find they cannot give him orders! Plus, the ideological construct in the State Propaganda Apparatus is that wiimin are at least equal to men in work, intelligence etc. An Islamic marriage brings a girl straight up against the reality of her female inferiority! Trouble, because her ideological brainwashing is being challenged: how can she obey her husband as head of the household, when all her 25 years of State & media programming hitherto have told her that a wombman must never take orders from a man.
Anonymous said…
After you learn to spell, please revisit the teachings of Islam.

Muslim jurists recognize that the marriage contract is not a service contract. The recognition is based on the Qur'anic view of the marriage contract: it is not for service, but for muwaddah wa rahmha, for sakînah, for human companionship. Within the marriage contract, the man and woman both have rights and responsibities. However, by no means, is the woman considered inferior. She should be obedient, but not blindly obedient. At the same time, the husband is reponsible for his wife's maintneance and is commanded by the law of Allah to treat his wife with equity, respect her feelings and show kindness and consideration.
Anonymous said…
THis is a load of crap written by a feminist about the Muslim marriage contract.

Women are NOT equal to men according to the Koran. This was likely written by a white woman, slut, feminist, ignorant pig of Western origin which ARE inferior to our Muslim women. We pity western men who put up with such behavior, you should stone your women until they behave. Woman is an irrational beast who will destroy your entire nation if you allow such behaviors. Can you not see this? Your governments are run by fascists who puppet females to destroy your freedom, families and wealth. They are like locusts when allowed to go without male power keeping them in check.Muslim men would never allow their women to destroy their culture. We train them properly before marriage as little girls. If you are ever to restore your countries freedom and security then you must punish females harshly, restrict their abilities to make obscene laws in the eyes of God and punish them with death for adultery and behaving like whores. Woman must be mastered by Man. Otherwise she destroys him and herself too. Allah is Great.

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