Is the BBC Director-General henpecked?

BBC stands firm on Gaza appeal refusal

He now lives in Oxford with his wife Jane Blumberg, an American academic, whom he married in 1987.

Maybe he doesn't want to be a victim of FemiNazi legislation which will give him no quarter.

for the effect of divorce on men

His "rigorous" interviewer, John Humphrys, on the Today Programme did not ask the crucial question: "May I know your wife's views on Gaza?"

Robert Burns 1788
Curs'd be the man, the poorest wretch in life,
The crouching vassal to a tyrant wife!
Who has no will but by her high permission,
Who has not sixpence but in her possession;
Who must to he, his dear friend's secrets tell,
Who dreads a curtain lecture worse than hell.
Were such the wife had fallen to my part,
I'd break her spirit or I'd break her heart;
I'd charm her with the magic of a switch,
I'd kiss her maids, and kick the perverse bitch.


Jeff Marshall said…
He need not be henpecked.

He chose to marry a Jewess - whom, it has been said, is strongly sympathetic to the Zionist cause.

It would be surprising if did not share her views to an extent.

He also grew up in Stepney, east London, at a time when this still represented the heart of London´s Jewish community (although he was a Catholic).

This may have had an effect on his present support for Israel. If indeed he supports it.
KScott said…
What Mark Thompson's wife has to do with this is precisely nothing.

We all know the decision was not taken by one man.

The euphemistic 'anti-Zionist' or anti-Jewish 'useful idiots' are having a field day with this one.

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