Why is the divorce rate higher in the West than in the East?

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Since I am certain it will be deleted, I will set it out below:

Because the laws in the West encourage it in the name of feminism, which no man is allowed to question, or he will end up losing his home, half his property and access to his children while having to pay for them until they are 18.

The West is also The Land of Bastards, Bastardy, Welfare Claimants and High Crime, ruled by the ideology of Feminazism whose Sacred Cow is Single Motherhood (which includes Divorced Mothers as well as Never Married Mothers).

Successive governments dare not address the harm caused by single parenthood because that would be tantamount to blaspheming against Sexual Freedom Without Responsibility, a deity every Westerner is expected to worship unquestioningly.

Primary schoolchildren are prepared for Sex Worship (in the form of Sex Education). As soon as they are in secondary school, they will be shown how to do it, and handed contraceptives at regular intervals, to encourage them to do it.

In the UK, girls under 16 can get contraceptives through their doctors and pharmacies, who are not obliged to inform their parents.

Single mothers, as we all know, are the ones who are most busily breeding the next generation of under-achievers, prostitutes, criminals and welfare claimants.

[As proof of this proposition that you cannot blaspheme against Single Mothers and Feminism, you will see this answer briefly, then it will be deleted by the Yahoo Guardians of Political Correctness, on grounds of causing offence to Single Mothers and the Illegitimate, who now make up about half the population.]


sam sherin said…
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rayan said…
i do agree with your comments because in the west people are more tend to think on their own and their thoughts to each other are different. And divorce laws are also very much flexible that allow to them to think better life with or without their life partner. i have also visit one blog related to Divorce advice where they tried to write my thoughts.
Anonymous said…
Ever since we had the Women Suffrogette Movement in the 1800's this country has gone to the dogs. Liberals was in Gov't then.(Notice how they never got in again)It was the W.S.M. who introduced the POLL TAX this caused a riot even then and everyone thought it was old Mags Thatcher (Milk bottle snatcher from our kids) then Mags Thatcher reintroduced the Poll Tax again followed by every Government thereafter. Is it any wonder why there are so many riots going around. I don't endorse it but it shows the Government how dangerous this country is becoming when it's own people are killing others and destroying businesses.You dopn't need a magnifying glass to see the impact of destruxction all oyu've got to do is livei n the nited Kingdom wherei t vviolates mens' rights, discriminates men as if we are nothing and somehow this country is run by extreme feminists who are hell bent on killing men legally via the Corrupt Child Support Agency and other extreme femmie male hating organisations. Say NO to corrupt feminism !

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