Why white people are now an inferior race

We are what we are. We are what we believe and what we do - and that is infinitely changeable. This is a more constructive view of humanity than being what our skin says we are, according to the views of other people.

White people are now an inferior race.

Why are they an inferior race?

Not because they are inherently inferior but they have allowed the feckless, promiscuous and unproductive of their number to breed in alarming numbers at the expense of white people who are productive and taxpaying. Five generations of white people have now been sexually reproduced in this way.  Five generations of the promiscuous, stupid, feckless and impecunious breeding and multiplying at taxpayers' expense with no politician in Parliament daring to criticise them.

Family Allowances Act 1945 (when Child Benefit started)

2011 - 1945 = 66

One generation = 16 years

66 divided by 16 = 4.125

Say five generations of feckless fuckers.

White people now have stupidity, promiscuity and fecklessness bred into them.

And still some white people are saying that there is something inherently superior about being white.

And still the government of white people are too afraid to implement policies that stop white people from breeding yet more inferior singly-parented bastards.

Yes, it is something to do with breeding and reproductive choices, but not in the way white nationalists think.

Why do you think white women are converting to Islam?

Because they don't want to marry white trash, want to have husbands and want to be wives and mothers of legitimate children.

Remember: if you are a woman, getting a man to fuck you is much much easier than getting a man to marry you.

If you are a better quality of woman you would not think getting a man to fuck you is a great achievement since no man would say no unless you are actually diseased, smelly, ugly and old.

If you are a better quality of man you would want a woman who does not think it is clever to get lots of men to fuck her and wouldn't be fool enough to marry her and expect to live happily ever after with that slut and slapper who is going to divorce you the moment she gets bored and irritated with you, take the children with her and let them watch a queue of unsuitable lovers waiting outside her bedroom door who may or may not  paedophiliacally abuse them.

White people are now white trash because of their shit liberal law that unfairly favour women which they of course misuse and abuse because they either don't know any better or are just naturally malicious and vindictive.

Are any white nationalists saying anything about feminism?

No, because white men are mostly stupid and scared and skint, and prefer to blame the Muslims who don't want to integrate and have their daughters become sluts, slags and slappers with variously-fathered feral children at the expense of the taxpayer, nor their sons becoming stupid, skint and scared, just like white people.

It's about sex, stupid.  Whom we are allowed to have sex with has always been a very political issue, because it affects the quality of the next generation, and the health and survival of the society we live in.

This is why everything is going down the toilet now, because we now have politicians who think it is clever to bomb Libya, because they think bombing Libya will turn Libya into a better country and make Libyans happier citizens.  If that is not mistaken and demented, I don't know what is.  British politicians are now just a bunch of masturbating adolescent males who cannot resist using the weapons they find themselves in control of, with only one honourable exception in the Conservative Party - John Baron MP.  

The Old Testament requires the stoning of those found to be guilty of extra-marital sex.  That does sound a bit harsh, but it was precisely to avoid becoming a nation of sluts, slags, slappers and single mums, as well as paedos and bastards.

However, our demented liberal establishment and their unthinking acolytes, in their ignorance and arrogance, think they know better than the Bible and the Koran, because they prefer to worship Free Love, Female Promiscuity and the Single Mother.

Did you know that Cameron actually admitted that he was afraid of the bad mothers, bad employees and the single mums at Mumsnet?

Of course he is afraid of them.  There are so many of these bad mothers, bad employees and single mothers with the vote now, aren't there?

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world, but only if she is good and clever.  In Britain the hand that rocks the cradle is parasitical, ignorant, illiterate, innumerate, illegitimate, irresponsible and a Bad Mother in receipt of Universal Child Benefit.   

Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough!
It isn't fit for humans now,
There isn't grass to graze a cow.
Swarm over, Death!


Anonymous said…
Hi, just stopped by to wish you all the best. As this blog starts to tear across Twitter, you are in for a rough ride. Sweeping generalisations are pretty intolerable as are your opinions. I don't have the time to really get stuck into this; i'll leave it to someone who can be arsed to waste their breath on putting you straight. Of course, you won't take the blindest bit of notice because your views appear to be branded deep and your tunnel vision is something i've seen many times before. Good luck with the rest of your miserable existence.
you are insane - you really need help
Claire Khaw said…
Thank you for taking the trouble to wish me well, Anonymous.
zahramhd said…
I understand what your trying to say, or at least I think I do but dont necessarily agree to say the very least. you are making a point in a very harsh and hypocritical way, I dont like the racist slant its taking I wouldnt like that style regardless of who was at the recieveing end. I get what your saying I just dont applaud the way its dished out. I don't think its fair to label a people and put them all in one category, I don't like when people do it to muslims so I wouldn't do it to other people, not to mention a vast about of muslims, not just ones who have converted, but born muslims are white.

Im sorry I didn't finish reading this, too much hate for my taste.
Claire Khaw said…
Zahramhad, it is exasperating how so many people cannot get this simple message. Of course I don't mean every single white person is promiscuous, and of course I don't mean that every non-white person is not.

What should be reasonably clear is that white people are governed by a liberal political establishment who poison their own people with these toxic ideas, which are the exact antithesis of what the Abrahamic faiths promote, ie family values supported by marriage.

It would be obvious and tedious to keep saying "white women are promiscuous and white men are scared, skint and stupid *except for the ones that are not*".

I would have thought that doing so would mean that I am insulting the intelligence of my readers.

Most people understand the point I am trying to make, I would have thought, with the exception of those who *deserve* to have their intelligence insulted.
Anonymous said…
White people....

So funny, really shows how stupid you are.
Claire Khaw said…
What shows how stupid I am, Anonymous?
RightHeaded said…
"Not because they are inherently inferior but they have allowed the feckless, promiscuous and unproductive of their number to breed in alarming numbers at the expense of [white] people who are productive and taxpaying."

How sweet! Someone who actually believes that the rich and successful have achieved their position in life through merit -- and the unproductive suffer a kind of genetic deterioration over the generations. Haha.

I feel like I want to pat your head and tell you how the world really works.

The truth is that the masses are as productive as society allows them to be. If there are lots of good jobs, there will be lots of productive people. If there are mostly shite jobs, well, the masses will be under-used and become feckless etc.

The difference is in who we choose to blame.

According to you, there are loads of great jobs out there for the millions of people who used to work in our factories -- and they could go get them if only they'd get off their arses.

To me, those jobs don't exist. You want to understand the lack of structure in British society? Go take a minimum-wage job and, before your brain numbs completely, think about how much structure and discipline there was on the dockyards, down the mines or in the steel mills.

We've replaced those jobs with call centres and fast-food restaurants. Who can blame the masses for getting drunk and fucking? What else have we given them to look forward to?

I understand the attraction of blaming the poor for being poor -- it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to think I've escaped that fate through my own hard work and determination. But the truth is that I benefited from opportunities, some afforded by luck and some by circumstance.

When we look at the countries around the world that are growing strongly, there is a clear correlation -- they all offer significantly better employment opportunities than were available in the recent past. And there are more and better opportunities every year.

Can you say the same about Britain?
Claire Khaw said…
You want more jobs? The lower taxes and cut the red tape. But oh, then then welfare dependent will scream and squeal! So we can't.
Jonny said…
Claire Khaw, this is a good article. I like your way of thinking. Leftist /liberal domination of the West is killing us. We need a renewed sense of the importance of the family as the basic cell of the social body. And of the Judeo-Christian heritage which did so much to shape Western Civilization.
Claire Khaw said…
Thank you, Jonny. I think all the major religions of the world respect the institutions of marriage and family.

However, since the West was the wealthiest and most powerful, there is a tendency to ape Westerners in their vices, in mistake for virtues.

It is the loss of masculine and parental authority that has weakened the West, that is now in thrall to feminism - an ideology that claims that women have the right to be as promiscuous as men and that men have the right to behave like women.
Jonny said…
Claire, again I say, I like your way of thinking.

I think there are different kinds of "respect" for institutions. At least one for every god and goddess who sends down "The Truth" from the realms of divine wisdom.

It's a constant battle to protect and preserve the family. One that... to my knowledge... has never been officially codified into the founding documents of a state or nation, as the overriding principle upon which the nation is founded.

I propose that, to do this would be an important step forward for human governance. To make the family institution, defined by the sacred union of a man and a woman, the chief organizing element of society. And to make it's welfare the chief consideration of the state.

In other words, politicians would always ask themselves... "Will this strengthen the family?" Judges would say..."Will this cause all citizens to honor and revere their own place in their family?"

Every institution must have a vision. I can think of no greater vision than this, for a nation.

I think this sentiment is echoed in all the teachings of Judaic-Christianity. And we in the West have fallen short in the past, and now appear to be falling away completely.
Claire Khaw said…
There is no need to go to such lengths, Jonny. The prohibition against extramarital sex already exists in the Bible and the Koran.

Clearly, Judaism and Christianity have failed to preserve the morals of Western society, and this is why it is failing and neurotic.

It is clearly failing and neurotic when governments know most of its voters hate immigration even they conspire to allow it while claiming that they wish to control it.

Western voters are clearly neurotic when they hate immigration while being unable to bring themselves to vote for the anti-immigration parties in sufficient numbers to have their grievances taken seriously.

Anti-immigration parties are clearly dysfunctional when they cannot make themselves sufficiently attractive to so many aggrieved voters who dislike mass immigration.

Since neither Western religion nor its political systems are fit for purpose then it is clear that both must be replaced.

Of all the Abrahamic faiths Islam is the most advanced.
Jonny said…
Islam the most advanced?

Now you've lost me. My mistake. I became hasty in my hopefulness.
Claire Khaw said…
You confuse the Koran (a book said to contain the Word of God) with Muslims (people you may fear and hate).

Which of the following explicitly allows divorce?

1. The Old Testament

2. The New Testament

3. The Koran

Would you regard a religion that allows divorce as more advanced or civilised than one which does not?

I would.
Anonymous said…
Wow, it's great to read that there are women in the west who "get" what Feminism really is. I wish you all the best Claire.

It's a return to barbarism and the inevitable decline of civilization. Women have always been the gatekeepers of the family and when women are allowed to have sex like men, there really is no point for men wanting to invest their time and energy into a family and spend time helping in raising their kids. I guess civilization goes through phases and eventually the men of the west will "man up" and refuse to cooperate in the one-sided dogmas of feminism.
Claire Khaw said…
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, Anonymous of 11 August.
Aaron Gottfried said…
We all are then if whites are. I agree with your points. Title might be off
Claire Khaw said…
What do you think the title should be?

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