Why white men in their 40s kill themselves more than they did before


If you went to public school you are likely to have more money, which makes it more likely for your wife to divorce you once she tires of you and your little ways.


The strategy aims to combat this as part of its new strategy and will set aside £1.5million for new research into how to tackle suicide and self-harm.

Well, I can tell them for free that if you are in your 40s and you have been divorced, deprived of your home and your children and told know that no woman is going to look at you again because you are no longer the good looking young man you once were and you are skint and scared of women, then you might just want to kill yourself, mightn't you?

Remember, FEMINISM KILLS.   Kill it before it kills you and your civilisation.

Remember:  The divorce rate is over 50%, 70% of divorces are initiated by women.  

Declare an Official Marriage Strike

Is there any political party that has a policy against feminism?

Who is a feminist?

Anyone who declines to reintroduce fault into divorce, for starters, and who says it is OK for women to be Slut Single Mums.

Not all mothers are single mothers and not all single mothers are Slut Single Mums (SSMs).

SSMs are the mothers of illegitimate offspring ie bastards.   They are the cause of racial and national degeneracy, and male politicians are afraid of them because too many of them now have the vote.

The solution is simple: disenfranchise those parasitical and promiscuous women whose bastards will only be brought up to grow up to mug you, burgle you or rape your daughter.


Only the BNP is beginning to make noises about it as you can see at http://www.bnp.org.uk/sermon/fighting-feminism further discussed at http://thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/bnp-finally-picks-up-my-anti-feminist.html

What about UKIP?   Well, they should, but they are probably too pussy now to do anything of the sort.  Whatever the BNP says, you can trust them to say it more weakly and much much later.


Andrew Thickett said…
We also have incredibly high numbers of white men killing themselves in their late 20s. They work hard, read the books, are 'nice' men and they still find themselves culturally ostracised and mocked. In fact, it is because of these things that they are ostracised and mocked. A man works hard and still finds he cannot find a decent woman, so the chance at creating a family is greatly reduced. Notice women say 'there are no decent men'; They mean that the 'nice' men keeping their industrial societies going are invisible to them because they prefer moronic 'bad boys'..
Andrew Thickett said…
This is a problem which is situated in the West and so affects more white men because most white men are situated in the West; however, the scope of this problem is now being extended beyond 'white' males to the majority of men in the Western world. In a word: misandry.

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