Disgusting totalitarian censorious women at MOTHERS AT HOME Facebook group have banned me permanently

I have been expelled from https://www.facebook.com/groups/MAHMmembers/

These women are mostly educated and graduates, yet they could not countenance the asking of a few awkward questions.   

Clearly, they were not taught about free speech at any time during their tertiary education.  

Women are in charge and they do not tolerate dissent.  Their suppression of dissent and legitimate criticism is swift and ruthless.   

Look at what happened to Lord Glasman, a Jew who had his career destroyed by the feminists in the Labour Party.  

Left: Lord Glasman of Blue Labour whose career was destroyed because he offended the feminists of the Labour Party

That is why feminism must be destroyed.  

Destroy feminism - an evil unnatural ideology - before it utterly destroys your civilisation.   

Do it NOW.   There is no time to be lost.   


Natalie said…
You made a spelling error; you said "free speech" and I think you meant "hate speech"
Claire Khaw said…
Do please give me an example of the "hate speech" you are referring to.

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