Suzanne Moore - feminist, socialist and SSM - an Enemy of the People?

Suzanne Moore the feminist, socialist and SSM

This woman has three daughters by three fathers and never married any of them.

Natalie Cassidy too is another SSM.

There are Reds under the bed, and there are Reds on your bed ...

The enemy within is invisible and unacknowledged.


"All truths that are kept silent become poisonous."

If you cannot subvert a society through open revolution, you use their women as agents of subversion.  If this works, you will have their society run for the benefit of the most feckless, most stupid and most immoral of their  women - the SSM - as well as their variously-fathered feral bastards. explains my categories of unmarried mothers of whom the SSM is the most morally culpable.

Did you know that most babies born in Britain are now bastards?

Women like her - feminists - spread illegitimacy like a muck spreader spreads muck.

A muck spreader spreading muck the way feminism spreads widespread illegitimacy

Is there a reason why we should tolerate widespread illegitimacy just because women like her tell us we must tolerate sluts and bastards in the name of liberalism, Free Love and indiscriminate tolerance and compassion of all that is harmful to society?

What have women like her done to for the morals of this nation except to make it acceptable for sluts and bastards to be tolerated?

What is fornicatress but a slut?

The difference between a slut and an SSM is the difference between a suspected criminal and a convicted criminal.   Suzanne Moore has been convicted three times.

If this country were Muslim she would incur a total of 300 lashes: 100 for each illegitimate offspring.

You may think this sounds unduly harsh, but it is probably the only language the stupid and the sluttish understand.

Sadly, however, in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, the Land of Compulsory Fornication, this is what passes for normal and acceptable.

Where do you think all our social problems and crime come from?

Is it now finally time to tell feminism to fuck off?   


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