BNP finally picks up my anti-feminist message

Fighting Feminism
This Sunday we learn that God's purposes in redemption are to restore, and not corrupt or undermine, the created order. This applies to the closest of all relationships: that between a man and a women. Yet again the institutional Churches are failing both God and man in this matter, as they addle up to Satan and his wiles in the corruption - through feminism and political correctness - of both manhood and womanhood. The apostle Paul lays down guidelines however, backed-up by Christ Himself whose apostle he was, as to how we as faithful Christians can withstand the wiles of the world, the flesh and the devil in this matter, as in every other.

The Reverend Robert West's sermon transcribed and paraphrased

Feminism and the Need to Fight Feminism

I am very concerned that the churches are not doing enough to fight feminism both within their midst in the church and beyond their midst within society generally.  

The early church had female converts of high status who expected to retain their high status within their new religion.   

But they were soon put right by Paul.   

The woman is made for the man and not vice versa. 

The man is the head of the woman.

The man is for the glory of God, the woman is for the glory of man.   

The woman is not to compete with the man in a "feministical" way.

By fulfilling her man she also fulfils herself.   

I have met a lot of modern women, but I have never met a feminist who looks fulfilled.  I have never come across a feminist who looks at ease with herself and her world and I have never looked at a feminist who is contented.

I have come across a lot of feminists but not one of them looked peaceful, at ease or normal.  They looked somewhat icy and cold however their careers, houses or beau boyfriends they have accumulated, they just don't look right on the inside - perhaps they don't feel right on the inside either.   

Satan's whole object is to destroy or to corrupt the divine pattern.  He has devilishly inspired heathen religions especially and in the ancient world we not only had female priests but we have female goddesses.

In some of our modern churches we have female elders so-called - or should I call them "eldresses"? 

A female eldress in church is akin to a heathen priestess to be shunned.  Why?

The purpose of the New Testament is to get us back to Genesis.  The purpose of redemption is to restore the divine pattern not to destroy it.  Hence the Apostle Paul a minister of the gospel of redemption continually refers back to the creation and the design as the Church's guide for the role of redeemed women.  That is the Christian woman's guide.  

When men allow women in the Church to behave like that - in a way that usurps the authority of men - they are setting a bad example and they are confederate in their sin.  For the woman was made for the man and that is still her instinct.  That is why, I am sure, so many feminists just look so odd and ill at ease with themselves.

When feminists decry Paul or Peter for that matter, that is because feminists speak of heathenism and not of the things of God.

No one can heed the things written by or spoken by Paul unless the Holy Spirit first opens their hearts, but feminists - both male and female - reject Paul and attack him?  Why?  Because their hearts have not been opened by the Holy Ghost to heed the things of God spoken through Paul.  

Jesus said of the apostles that "Those who hear you hear me and those that hear me hear Him who sent me."

If we do not receive the Apostles' teaching then are we part of the one Apostolic and Catholic Church? 

Feminists, in rejecting Paul, and setting yourselves up as independent teachers, and even as priests, are you part of the one Apostolic and true Church known to God, however many churches you intrude into?

What a dreadful thing to do - to intrude into the true church and the true ministry when by your very deeds and stance you are not even a part of the truth church.  

I fear that there is a lot more involved than we normally think of in purporting to ordain women and in not submitting ourselves to the divine design in our Creator.

If we give way to this it will greatly damage the Church in the generations to come. We must be faithful to God, not to heathens or to feminism. 

Let us be faithful to the Apostles, lest we find ourselves no longer part of the Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The Lord that ordained that women should be the helper of men, grant unto them and us the grace to fulfil their role in Creation as restored to us in redemption ... "

Will the BNP be promising to repeal the Equality Act 2010 in the Corby By Election then?

If they do, will UKIP promise the same?

Once that is done, the snowball will become an avalanche, and feminism will be crushed.  

When feminism is dead, the entire West can return to rationally small government.

But only when feminism is dead.

The only good matriarchy is a dead one.


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