Why are middle-aged white males at such high risk for suicide?



Because of no-fault divorce.

Their wives divorce them on a whim, take half their stuff and deprive them of their children.

Does anyone remember an episode of The Simpsons in which Millroy's dad was separated from his mum and stayed in apartments called Bachelor Court?  Every night you could hear the sound of men crying and sobbing themselves to sleep.   Every morning yet another resident has been discovered to have committed suicide.

Funny? Of course.  The women are giggling to themselves.

Feminism is very very very funny indeed.  The destruction of your nation, the death of your civilisation, having men pissed on and shat upon by women from a great height - tee hee!

The men take it like lambs too.  They just lie there and turn themselves over occasionally so they get a more even covering of piss and shit.   What do the political parties say and do?  NOTHING.

What do the fringe political parties say and do?  NOTHING.

UKIP will say NOTHING.  The BNP will say NOTHING.

NOTHING will happen.  Nothing will work because the men have turned to women.  They feel no shame because they no longer have any pride.   It has been bred out of them by five decades of feminism.


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