Irreversible decline happens when your society no longer respects the institution of marriage

‎Daryll Christopher:

"The more a woman pays her bills, the more I will love her. Occidental males are too preoccupied or trained to act as gentlemen. We should see women as our enemies and competitors, this is who they are, we should never love our enemies, nor should we shower them with gifts."

Most black men think like Daryll. This is why blacks in America have an 80% illegitimacy rate.

That is why female promiscuity is so destructive to your society and civilisation in the long term.

Feminism and female promiscuity, having destroyed the attractiveness of women to men and vice versa, your women become rotten, and so do your men, and then your children.  The next generation is noticeably degenerate and worse, rotting rotting rotting away ....

While this process of putrefaction takes place, no one will say anything. The men who know about feminism will complain but that is all they will do.

Even if they said anything, no one would listen to them.  Have you noticed a single political party in the land supporting marriage?   Even the nationalist ones?  Of course not.

To make marriage attractive to men, you will have to make it attractive to selfish cautious suspicious men  like Daryll who don't really like women and don't really want to help others and will only look after Number One.

Daryll will not be marrying any woman because, under the system of no-fault divorce that we have, any wife of his can divorce him for any reason and take half his stuff.

Like any man who wishes to preserve his property, he understandably does not want to find a woman he hates and then give her his house.

Denouncing men like Daryll will not change their behaviour, however.

Daryll will tell any male offspring of his son noo get married and he will spread the cancer of SSMs in his own little way.  He thinks having one child is enough and it is in any case all he can afford.

Therefore the demographic time-bomb of the West will mirror the demographic time bomb of China, where they have a one-child policy.

The smarter men with money will behave like Daryll and only the stupid ones with no money will get married because they have nothing to lose. Or they are men who are happy with the idea of marrying an older woman for her money while forfeiting their opportunity to be a father and a husband.

And so racial and national degeneracy entrenches itself further.

Nothing short of a Cultural Revolution will change things. The die is cast and the spiral is downwards.

So now we know the importance of this thing so many people call "just a piece of paper" You won't miss it till it's gone and when it's gone your nation will just die of the slow poison of feminism.

Onwards, to barbarism. Onwards to decline. Onwards to becoming slut and bastard members of a Third World Third Rate nation.

With a bit of luck we can look forward to becoming a nation like Liberia or Sierra Leone or Haiti.


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