Suzanne Moore makes libellous and threatening comments about me

Suzanne Moore is tweeting about me at

Clare Khaw thrown out of BNP for being too extreme,thinks disabled children should die and single mothers be convicted. Not a happy bunny
1:20 AM-26 Sep 12

I was expelled for saying what I said even though I never represented myself as a member of the party.

At no point did I say that "disabled children should die".

What I meant to say, but never was given the chance to say it, was that parents of disabled unviable unwanted babies should be given the option of disposing of them without getting into trouble with the law.

Turns up events photographing and documenting her enemies. She needs to be careful as she incites violence. Thats all for now.
1:22 AM - 26 Sep 12

I had every right to turn up at the Orwell Prize Award since I had entered my blogs for the prize.  Evidence of this is at

Actually, I have whinged loud and often about the injustice of that Prize and the bias of the liberal establishment ad nauseam at

I have not to my knowledge incited violence, though it is possible that Suzanne wishes to be violent towards me.

@NickCohen4 she poses occasionally in some Nazi hardware. But no match for you . Take her out.
1:24 AM - 26 Sep 12 has all the gun and flag photos as well as photos of me.  I posed in solidarity with David Jones who was being given a hard time by The Star at when he was running his last election campaign and to draw the attention of nationalists to myself.  It worked a treat and they all know who I am now.  

Exactly why I did so is explained in full at
It is unlikely that Suzanne meant for Nick Cohen to take me out on a date.

It is more likely that she wants me to be "whacked".   So, dear Reader, if anything should happen to me, the police will have a good idea who dunnit and who put Nick Cohen up to it.

For an enemy of the people I am doing just fine. But just letting you know you dont need to tell me about it. Been years of it X
1:26 AM - 26 Sep 12 

This shameless woman is proud that she is an enemy of the people!


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