How well do women like Ruth Dudley Edwards understand the principle of free speech?

Do women like Ruth Dudley Edwards understand the principle of free speech? 

My Facebook friend Ruth Dudley Edwards' response to this story this morning at

We hugged the thugs who kicked our son to death... then found one a job
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was just one word on her status update: "Humbling."

I am afraid this rather set me off.

I reproduce the exchanges on her wall that led to her deleting me as her Facebook friend.

Kevin Taylor
Ture Christians in every meaning off the word  [If you look at the photograph, you will find Mrs Donovan wearing a Star of David cross.]

Pippa Gwilliam
That is extraordinary.

Claire Khaw
They can't have loved their son much, eh?

Claire Khaw 

Claire Khaw
Christianity is the religion of slaves and women, of course, and self-abnegating masochists who make a virtue of being self-abnegating masochists. Soon, these damned Christians will run out of cheeks to have slapped.

Claire Khaw
I knew you women would love this sort of thing.

Claire Khaw
Perhaps you ladies (I mean you too, Kevin!) will exercise your imaginations and imagine yourselves murdered after being kicked to death for no particular reason except for the amusement of these these thugs. And then imagining your spouses and offspring hugging your murderers ....

Such an extraordinarily *humbling* thought, is it not? But of course!

Ann Mitchell
I'm not sure I would be able to find that compassion in myself but I hope I would. Thank you Ruth.

Derek Torrens
I would hug them but with a weapon in hand to gut them with ;-))

Claire Khaw
Don't you think, Ann, that doing this would encourage more thugs to beat the sons of more parents to death for no reason at all, or do such things considerations not enter your pink and fluffy mind?

Perhaps you have a son you wish beaten to death?

Claire Khaw
Only Derek Torrens so far has given a response that I would call normal and moral.

Claire Khaw 
I see that you are an actress, Ann, and therefore rational thought is not prized in your profession, only the ability to emote and enjoy your emotions.

Claire Khaw
How tragic for this country that the criminal justice is in the hands of you women and the likes of Kevin Taylor. I am sure he is very popular with the ladies with the morbidly effeminate views that he expresses.

Claire Khaw
Let us imagine that you are the murdered son and are now a ghost. Let us imagine that there is an afterlife and that you saw your parents hugging your murderers.

You have the power to be severely malign towards your parents who hugged the murderers who murdered you so callously and capriciously. What would you do to them?

Ruth Dudley Edwards
I have asked you before to stop hogging my Wall, Claire. I believe in free speech, which is why I put up with you, but there's no profit or enjoyment in debating with you. I won't be doing it any more either here or on twitter. And if you continue to be offensive to good people like Ann Mitchell, I'll unfriend you.

Claire Khaw
I wouldn't call what you have here "debate" anyway, Ruth. It is more like a series of repeated and daily invitations for your friends to agree with you and praise and express thanks to you.

Claire Khaw 
Why is there no profit or enjoyment in debating with me? Is it because you know that by even answering my questions you are providing me with ammunition? Is that why you refuse to answer my questions viz:

How does George Galloway demonstrate "his love of dictators"?

What is wrong with George Galloway's attitude towards Israel?

What is wrong with the company George Galloway keeps?

Claire Khaw
How is Ann Mitchell a good person?

Pippa Gwilliam
Shut the fuck up Claire. It's the only debate you understand.

Claire Khaw
WHAT is the only debate I understand, Pippa?

Claire Khaw
Oh, you mean the fact that you ladies refuse to engage and/or threaten me every time I ask an awkward question that you cannot answer?


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