Feminism destroys the institution of marriage by making sex both too cheap and too dear

To destroy feminism you need to simultaneously:

1. Abolish the welfare state

2. Repeal the Equal Pay Act

3. Repeal the Sex Discrimination Act

4. Reintroduce fault into divorce by imposing the requirement that all couples who marry must have a marriage contract

5. Abolish child benefit

Women who want things to go back to the good old days have to give up their privileges.

Men as individuals are helpless against feminism. The government needs to step in, but it does not. But even the people who say they are against the corrupt oligarchy are themselves afraid of fighting feminism.

Even the nationalist parties who denounce the LibLabCon are themselves afraid of feminism and the Running Dogs of feminism - the SSMs, their morally compromised parents, the men who impregnanted them, and SPOSSMs (Sex Partners of SSMs) because too many sluts and bastards now have the vote.

They are all infected by the same virus - the virus of feminism that causes effeminacy, irrationality, cowardice and hypocrisy.

Currently, the market for sex between men and women is opaque and confusing. The buyers and sellers of sex do not know what they want or what the price is. It is either too cheap or too dear. Sometimes, it appears to be completely free, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Marriage is the equaliser in this crucial transaction.

That is why the institution is considered sacred to sensible humans whether or not they believe in God.

If you get marriage, you understand the past and have an idea of how the past affects the present and how the present affects the future. Past, present, future are all abstract ideas.

If you do not get marriage, you really cannot see beyond your own base desires and, without marriage, people like you will revert to the barbarism that is common to all lower animals.

The point to remember is that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  No-strings sex is not really free.  Someone has to pay for it later, even if it is not you.

Your children pay for it, the next generation pays for it, your race, your nation, your civilisation, when they become the sluts and bastards they become if they do not respect marriage.

The idea of Yin and Yang is the preservation of the balance of power between the sexes. This is key to a harmonious society. Once you get that right, everything good will follow. If you get this wrong, everything evil will follow.

Marriage and the system of rules governing marriage is the key to getting the balance right between Yin and Yang.

It should therefore be reformed as a matter of greatest urgency.

Sex is too cheap for alpha men and too dear  for beta men.

The alphas are corrupted by the cheapness of sex for them and the sub-alphas are ruined by the cost of  no-fault divorce.

Yet no political party will admit this is a problem much less propose a solution, because they fear alienating the female vote.  That is why not a single political party in the UK has proposed any policy that might support marriage.

What policies might support marriage?

Why, anything that might make marriage an attractive proposition to men, of course. 


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