Christina Blacklaws - another prominent member of the matriarchy who trashes marriage and promotes degeneracy
From around 6:50 AM

Christina Blacklaws
This woman says the law should reflect social attitudes however wrong they are.  If  most people think it is OK to have bastards then the law should treat it as OK to have bastards and treat unmarried couples as if they were married couples with the rights of married couples against each other, she has said on the Today Programme today.

This means trashing the institution of marriage, but what does this matriarchal feminist cow care about marriage?  She is yet another feminist in a position of power who will shit and piss on the institution of marriage, and be allowed to say such things on air without ever being questioned or challenged by any scummy liberal BBC journalist.   Bet she supports gay marriage too.  Her sort would.  They want to perpetuate the free for all fuckfest that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

Why do British men allow women like her to be in charge and tell them what to do?  Cos they are degenerate pieces of effeminate shit.


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