What kind of a shameless woman divorces her husband after he becomes disabled?

Heart transplant waiting list war hero who is always '15 seconds from death' has benefits stopped because he is not disabled enough 

  • Alex Smith suffered heart failure but has been told he is fit to work
  • He claims he becomes seriously exhausted by even the smallest efforts
  • If his life-saving device breaks he has just 15 seconds to live

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Quite a few British wives would do this sort of thing to their husbands in a heartbeat.


Do British women have the lowest morals in the world?

Most babies born in Britain are bastards, which would suggest that the morals of British women are pretty bloody damn low.

These women of low morals cannot pass on what they don't have to their offspring so it is inevitable that their bastard offspring will have even lower morals than their already immoral mother.   It is a kind of progressive and exponential degeneracy with each progressively degenerate generation of SSM-parented bastards.

This is the reality of "progressive" Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.


Most British mothers are SSMs these days it would appear.

What is an SSM?

A Slut Single Mum is a mother with illegitimate offspring.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Are-Slut-Single-Mothers-a-burden-on-the-state/220271251432495

What is a slut?

A slut is a fornicatress.

Is fornication a sin?

Yes, according to the Bible and the Koran.

Do Anglican clergymen condemn this sort of thing?

Can you name me one single Anglican clergyman (or clergywoman for that matter) who does?

Does the Archbishop of Canterbury condemn this sort of thing?

Not on your nelly.  "His Grace" actually wants the morbidly feminised and homosexualised Anglican Church to have female bishops.

What is the point of the Church of England?

The Archbishop seems to think that its purpose it to give out livings to ambitious homosexuals and selfish ambitious women.

I rather think its purpose is to maintain the morals of the nation.

Assuming I am right, how far if at all do you think the Anglican Church is fulfilling its purpose?

If you do not think it is fulfilling its purpose now with female vicars, do you think things will improve when it has female bishops?

Do you think these clergywomen are likely to be more indulgent of female promiscuity than of male promiscuity?

What do you think, dear reader?

Will things get better or worse the more women you have in senior position in the Church?

Or will even more things turn to shit?

But we all know that Christian clergymen are notoriously afraid of being seen to condemn anything at all.  They are the embodiment of hypocrisy, cowardice and effeminacy.

What about the government?

Our liberal PC extremist government wants to push through legislation to make the Anglican Church have female bishops whether the laity like it or not.

How do we know that our government is liberal PC extremist?

You know you live in a liberal PC extremist state if the leader of the Conservative Party can declare that he supports gay marriage because he is a Conservative, without ending up like Julius Caesar.

When Britain gets it female bishops you can be sure that the morals of the nation will plumb to yet more unknown depths.

If the British are now an international laughing stock and enjoys the hearty hatred, ridicule and contempt of foreign nations, then it will be even more of a laughing stock enjoying the even heartier hatred, ridicule and contempt of foreign nations.

The only good matriarchy therefore is a dead matriarchy.

Either the matriarchy is told where to go, or we end up like the Polynesians, but without the weather for the grass skirts.


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