The Doctrine of the Mean by Confucius can be achieved through the Koran

"The imperial state wanted to reinforce the three bonds of society; between the parent and child, husband and wife, and ruler and subject. This was believed to emphasize a peaceful home and an orderly state."

The Koran is the instrument to bring this about.

The Koran certainly has it right about sexual morality for a start and proposes a punishment that is both effective and proportionate - 100 lashes for each illegitimate child of an SSM (Slut Single Mum).  This type of woman is denounced at

It is up to the woman to make RATIONAL REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES. Too many women these days will fuck any maniac.

That is why we have more physically and mentally ill and disabled people being born now.  Even the ones who are not physically disabled or mentally ill or disabled are degenerate and behaviourally-challenged, are they not?

Even if they did well at school, educational standards have deteriorated as a result of decades of the misguided "progressive" policies of the female-dominated teaching profession.

The woman should direct her mind towards choosing the best possible husband for herself and the best possible father for her children. That is all she has to do. And then the world will right itself.

Why can't she just do even that?

Because most women these days are immoral, stupid, irresponsible, degenerate and drunk with power.  I say this because most babies born in Britain are illegitimate.  Interestingly, most of these women don't even know the meaning of the word illegitimate, so ignorant and immoral are they.  Why, even the leader of the Labour Party didn't get round to making an honest woman of the mother of his then illegitimate sons because he had been too busy, apparently.  The mother of his then bastard children was Justine Thornton - a barrister no less.   Clearly, Ed Miliband thought nothing of having bastard offspring either, until nagged into marrying the mother of his children.

If this is not a sign of degeneracy and dementia in a society, I really do not know what is.

Britain is now populated mainly by sluts and bastards and the politicians who pander to them.

Oh, but we can't criticise sluts, because they all have the vote.

We know who is in power by those whom we cannot criticise.

Sluts are in power, dear reader, sluts and their bastard offspring who also have the vote.

If we live in a matriarchy, then it means the worst kind of women are in charge of the ship of state. They need not obviously be in charge, of course. They don't need to be Prime Minister or anything like that. What is enough is that they are not criticised and are beyond criticism, especially if their offspring is both disabled and  illegitimate.

It is quite clear that all the male leaders of all the political parties in Britain are AFRAID OF THEM.

The evidence is clear - no political party in Britain has any policies that supports marriage, does it? NOT A SINGLE ONE.

The preferences and wishes of SLUTS and BASTARDS are now what guide the governments of the Western world.

Discovering that you live in a matriarchy is like being told that your civilisation has CANCER.

Shall we cure the cancer by telling feminism to fuck off?  Shall we, dear reader?   Dare you?


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