SPOSSM of SSM with learning difficulties scalds child's face


How wicked is a woman who ...

  1. is an SSM?
  2. has a SPOSSM with learning difficulties?
  3. has a SPOSSM with learning difficulties who is younger than  her?
  4. pretends that the SPOSSM is the father of her child?
  5. pretends that the SPOSSM is the father of her child in order to make him babysit her child that is not his?
  6. gets so out of her head that SPOSSM with learning difficulties who is also out of his head on drugs has to look after her child?
  7. tried to cover up for the SPOSSM when he puts the child's head in scalding hot bath when he too is out of his head with drugs?

How wicked is a government who ...

  1. refuses to condemn SSMs?
  2. allows more women to become SSMs by refusing to criticising SSMs?
  3. does not respect the institution of marriage?
  4. instead promotes gay marriage when the people who should be getting married before they have children do not?
  5. actively promotes degeneracy?
  6. actively promotes degeneracy is supposed to be promoting Conservative policies?

SPOSSM = Sex Partner Of Slut Single Mum

Why are feminists always the ones who defend the SSM with such demented fanaticism?

Are feminists evil?

Or are they just stupid and selfish?


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