Did Adam Lanza's father or mother petition for divorce?


So this woman who sought treatment for multiple sclerosis and who had a difficult son thought she would be better off as a single mother, did she?

What is she: dumb or crazy?

Nancy Lanza divorced Adam’s father, Peter, in 2008. Peter Lanza, now a vice president of taxes for GE Energy Financial Services, agreed to annual alimony payments that started at $240,000 and would have reached $298,800 in 2015.

The couple had married on June 6, 1981, in Kingston, N.H. — where Adam Lanza was born — and the divorce hit Peter Lanza hard, his lawyer said.

“He was very upset that he was getting divorced, but he didn’t want to take it out on anybody,” said attorney Gary Oberst.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/adam-lanza-20-deeply-disturbed-kid-article-1.1220752#ixzz2F8JgDuVh

"Nancy Jean Lanza sued Peter John Lanza for divorce on November 24, 2008 -- three days before Thanksgiving, Connecticut court records show."

So it was the dirty little gold-digger who divorced her husband three days before Thanksgiving.

Got that, folks?

The guns were hers too.


If the Americans give up their right to bear arms for a crazy bitch of a bad mother, they be crazy bitches too.   

If you were a mother who had a son who was a bit difficult and considered odd, do you think divorcing your husband would help you be a better parent to your disturbed son, or a worse parent?

If you answered the above question wrong, is it because you are stupid or because you are selfish or simply vindictive?

If you are stupid or selfish or vindictive are you like to be a good mother or a bad mother?

Why is the entire West so neurotically unwilling to point the finger at Nancy Lanza and bad mothers?

Why are MEN so afraid of criticising bad mothers? What the fuck is the matter with them?

It is infuriating that they seem transfixed by a collective inability to question the morals of this woman who was clearly a bad mother and a crazy lady barfly who was also a dirty little gold-digger.   



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Anonymous said…
Claire - have you ever been married?

Obviously not - as if you had, you would understand that sometimes things don't work out. You do not know the full circumstances so presuming to judge in this way just shows you up as stupid.
Claire Khaw said…
I am already aware that people get divorced for a variety of reasons.

At no time have I proposed that divorce should be abolished.

What I have actually said is that no-fault divorce should be abolished.
Arthur Weiss said…
Nobody gets divorced if there is no fault involved. There is always a reason. However that doesn't mean it needs to be aired in public for all to know and see, or to make lawyers rich.

It is much more sensible to sort out differences amicably - remembering that you were once in love. Any other approach is irrational, stupid and only acts to make the ex-partners poorer and the lawyers richer.

In fact, lawyers LOVE it when a couple try and fight it out to prove where fault lies. (In reality it is ALWAYS a bit on both sides. E.g. if a man commits adultery and so the wife sues for divorce, she should ask herself why her husband felt the need to commit adultery. It will not be 100% the husband's fault)
Claire Khaw said…
I think divorce should be stigmatised or you will encourage dirty little gold-diggers like Nancy Lanza.

I am surprised that a Jew cannot see the dangers of no-fault divorce.

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