Adam Lanza's mother was a barfly and generous with her ex-husband's money

Received on Facebook today:

Claire, why did you invite me to that trash page where you worship a mass child killer?

You seem to excuse his actions just so you can stand on your soap box and attack single mothers. You much more sick and twisted then even your new idol Adam Lanza. Your actions is nothing less the murdering the memory of these children again and to subject their families to continued torment. 

Your heart must be so dark and full of hate. Your a sad, sick, and twisted person Claire. May God have mercy on your miserable soul.


Highlighting the fact that Adam Lanza's mother was a bad mother who divorced her husband for trivial reasons to get a house and a generous settlement under the rules of no-fault divorce is hardly "worshipping" a mass child killer.

Adam Lanza is not my "idol".

You can only murder living people.  You cannot "murder" the memory of anyone.  Memories cannot be murdered so you are talking nonsense.  Talking nonsense only serves to discredit your intellectual credibility.

The parents of these children at least deserve to know what caused, directly and indirectly, the deaths of their children.

The direct cause of the death of children was of course the gunman, Adam Lanza.

What drove Adam Lanza to do what he did? suggests that the bad parenting of a divorced single mother who was a dirty little gold digger who divorced her husband for trivial reasons so she could get the house and a generous settlement and spend her time as a barfly may have something to do with Adam Lanza's state of mind.

Why should this woman not be blamed if she is to blame?

Is it because she is a woman and women cannot be expected to take any responsibility for any of their actions?

Why would you wish to put on a pedestal the worst of women - a bad mother?

Are you saying that women must be treated like children, always, and never be expected to take any moral responsibility any of their actions?

When a society and its government persistently desecrates the institution of marriage, shit happens.   Get this and you will get what is happening to Western civilisation.


Would you like to nominate Claire Khaw for the iPM New Year Honour for being the most entertainingly philosophical, political and theological Woman of the Year?  Go on, go on, go on!

They won't let me win, but you will succeed in annoying them if the nominations keep coming in.


john Callahan said…
Great insight is exhibited in the statement 'She was a barfly". Adof father ,Alois, was an alcoholic. Alcoholics abuse and can kill without feeling, too. The alcoholics neurosis is passed on to their children.Perfectionism is often the result.World War2 was just an extension of Alois hitlers alcoholic personality and probably so were Adam's actionstoo It's not about blame. It's about finding a cause.Read The Secret History of Alcoholism by James Graham and you will understand what I'm saying

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