Mrs Giles Coren doesn't want her unborn baby because he is boy and jokes about sending him to playgroup in a tutu

This is what happens when feminism goes too far.

Let us hope she does not end up like Nancy Lanza when he grows up after a childhood made horrible by a boy-hating mother.

Esther Walker AKA Mrs Giles Coren -  one motherfucker of a misandrist

A mother who says she does not want a son and  jokes about sending him to playgroup in a tutu to avenge herself for not being a daughter.  What kind of childhood will this poor boy have?  Should he be removed from her at birth so he can be adopted by a couple who actually want a son?  If he is not removed this disgusting evil and shameless misandrist of a mother she may either humiliate him or simply turn him into a girl by making him behave like one or encourage him to change his sex or be gay. One day, he will undoubtedly be traumatised to read what his mother said about him before he was even born.

Will he grow into a productive citizen in the care of such a boy-hating mother?   Or will he grow up vicious, angry and bitter and perhaps even turn into psychopathic mass murderer?

Should Social Services call on her to take him away as soon as he is born, from a mother who has already declared such hostile intent towards him?

How could a decent father and a husband let something as scummy be written about his unborn son?  Only an effeminate degenerate metrosexual would allow this, I suppose.

Come on, Social Services, take the little tike away from his toxic parents and his toxic sister who will probably torture and bully him with the connivance and approval of his mother.  He will probably get a better upbringing if the Taliban adopt him.    At least they won't turn him into a mangina like his parents would.
Gay Vicar and woman mock male licence fee payers on a BBC radio show while encouraging single mothers to change the sex of their sons when they are 16


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