More questions to ask about Adam Lanza's mother's morals

  1. Was Adam Lanza's mother a bad mother?
  2. Should Adam Lanza's mother escape responsibility for being a bad mother just because she is dead?
  3. Was Nancy Lanza a dirty little gold digger for divorcing her husband for apparently trivial reasons to get the house and a generous settlement?
  4. Can a dirty little gold digger be a good mother?
  5. Was Nancy Lanza evil or just stupid? 
  6. If you are a mother and your son was a bit a social retard, do you think divorcing your husband would make your son better or worse?
  7. If you are a mother who divorced your husband knowing it would be bad for your son who is a bit of a social retard, are you a bad mother?
  8. Are bad mothers evil?:
  9. Should Americans who have a constitutional right to bear arms against a corrupt, tyrannical, matriarchal and totalitarian government - a government that encourages wives to divorce their husbands on a whim without being socially stigmatised - give up that right just because of a bad mother who was such a bad mother that her son became a mass murderer to cause her maximum disgrace? 
  10. Do you think that maybe, just maybe, Adam Lanza knew exactly what he was doing?
  11. Do you think Adam Lanza hated his mother?
  12. If you were Adam Lanza would you hate your mother too for depriving you of your father and kicking him out of the family home so she could live the life of a barfly?
  13. Should the government encourage more women to behave like Nancy Lanza?
  14. Would a way of discouraging gold-digging women like Nancy Lanza from divorcing their husbands to get their money and depriving their sons of their fathers be to abolish no fault divorce?


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