Can you be considered a good mother if .... ?

  1. Your son is considered to be a bit weird.
  2. Your son turns out to be a mass murderer.
  3. You knew your son had problems but you divorced your husband anyway to get his house and a generous settlement like the selfish retarded bitch you were thereby depriving your son of his father and fucking up his head even more.  This means YOU take FULL responsibility for all the craziness that ensued.   
  4. You kept semi-automatic weapons in the house when you knew your son was a bit weird like the crazy irresponsible bitch you were.  
  5. Oh yeah, and you decided to home school him because you wanted a bit of company during your crazy empty days when you were resting from being barfly?  That was probably what sent him over the edge. suggests he didn't want to move out to Washington state either.  Your son did not want to be home-schooled by a crazy bitch of a mother whatever problems he was having at school.
So America has the change its constitution for a crazy dead bitch bad mother like you?   

If the Americans do it they are crazy bitches too.

Feminists and Democrats love big government.

Most men and social conservatives want to protect themselves from a totalitarian tyrannical and corrupt state that burdens them with taxes and stupid laws, by force of arms if need be.   

Americans, do not let a bad mother make you give up your constitutional right to bear arms. suggests that Adam Lanza resented his mother for depriving him of his father.
No fault divorce, bad mothering and the right to bear arms


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