Why is Ruth Lea so afraid of discussing feminism?

CK to RL
30/07/2012 10:50

The number of people in England and Wales has gone up by just over 7% in the past ten years and in that time the number of people in Germany has fallen by about 1%, so why should it be so different? Dr Julie Smith, professor of international relations at Cambridge, and economist Dr Ruth Lea debate population and economic growth.

I remember listening to this and thinking it very significant, but cannot find any reference to it anywhere nor remember exactly why I thought this was significant nor can I find a way of listening to it again.

Is there any chance that either or both of you would be so kind as to refresh my memory about what you thought was said?

Thank you in advance.

RL to CK
Monday, 30 July 2012, 13:03
Subject: Re: Your discussion on the Today Programme on 17 July

I discussed the relationship between the working-age population to the ability of the economy to grow. Germany's working-age population is shrinking - ours is not - and this has implications for Germany's and our long-term growth "potentials".

CK to RL
31/07/2012 21:47

Is it because there is less immigration to Germany, Dr Lea?

Are you saying more British women should have more children?

RL to CK
Tuesday, 31 July 2012, 22:23

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