The corruption of Sweden is the corruption of its women

It is interesting that Iceland which has the highest rate of illegitimacy was the first country in the West to go bankrupt, consumed by the demons of irresponsible borrowing and lending by individuals and the government of Iceland. (This is also known as usury, which the Koran forbids.  Notice that whatever the Koran forbids the West practice, and whatever the Koran enjoins the West despise?  If we can break down into a tick list the prohibitions and exhortations of the Koran, I fear the West will be found to be wanting in almost every regard.  That is why the next new ideology, after the collapse of liberalism and feminism, will be Islam.)

The rape laws of Sweden are undoubtedly matriarchal.  It seems that in Sweden a woman may consent to intercourse with you and then retrospectively withdraw that consent if you do not call her as she demands and expect.   This means you will find yourself extradited for a charge of sexual abuse which you had no idea you had committed at the time, if you offend a Swedish slut by treating her with the contempt she deserves.  

When all is said and done it shall be demonstrated that the corruption of women corrupt the morals of men and government, and the next generation will certainly suffer.

Liberalism and feminism is nothing more than a diseased, decaying and dying husk of the walking dead.  


Dulantha said…
There are no women in Sweden. Because of feminism destroyed femininity of female community.

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